The Beginning of the End?

It was late in 2008 when the collapse of America began.

The greed of the Ruling Class had been freed and encouraged by one of their own, The Bush. One who had gained power at their behest after years of organized struggle that culminated in all of the conditions that they had needed to abolish the checks and balances that the Lower Classes had imposed on them for over half a century. Under The Bush, the checks and balances that had been put in place after the last instance of their unfettered power and the collapse it had caused had been weakened or abolished to the point where they were easily defeated by the greed and machinations of The Ruling Class.

But this time, the Ruling Class had learned to fight back. Though, it seems, they had never been quite able to learn the inevitable and disastrous consequences of their ravenous greed. They had learned that controlling the media was one key. That spreading their selected narrative would buy them the time they needed in order to solidify their positions. They had also learned how to keep the populace in a never ending state of fear. At one point during this period, all that they had had to do to ratchet up the fear of the populace was to flash a color on a screen, the “Terror Alert Level,” it was called.

Their narrative had been crafted over generations, their narrative was that one group of people were somehow better than ‘average folk,’ more serious, more important, more qualified, tougher….more like a father figure, more like the patriarchal god that they insisted had to be worshiped. And certainly better than their opposition, who they had managed to paint as weak and, ironically, as an elite who thought that THEY were better than the populace. They had managed to weave and sell a narrative that said that even when it had been they, that they had been the ones who had destroyed everything that the lower classes had built: An economy based on production of goods, a military designed to protect, not attack, a culture that had been slowly moving toward equality and acceptance of all of societies ‘outsiders,’ etc….that only they could put things right. The things that they had caused to go wrong.

All of this, all of the years of advancement, peace and prosperity, was destroyed in a very short time, in a sort of cultural blitzkreig, nonsensical but scary sounding attacks riven with hate and ignorance were sown amongst the Lower Classes that had been hoodwinked into supporting the Ruling class against their own self-interest. Their narrative was bolstered with memes that were believable enough to sow doubt amongst those eternally undecided or uncommitted, and it was laden with bribery and memes of inoculation, innocence, and forgiveness aimed at their comrades in the Ruling Class who had moral qualms. All of this was based on the Doctrine of St Ronnie, their patron saint, the doctrine of spin and plausible deniability. This was the origin of the modern term “to Rove,’ meaning to lie baldly loudly and repeatedly and to whine that you were being repressed and persecuted just as loudly and repeatedly when anyone anywhere called Bullshytt on your lies.

And so, once again, greed and fear and war ruled the land. In the past, the inevitable consequences of this had been enough to make the rest of society stand up and demand reforms and changes and new laws. This time was different. This time the population had been under the influence of the media for so long, so enthralled by the power of the Magic Box in their living rooms that they had lost the ability to resist the propaganda. They had literally come to believe that whatever came out of the magic box was true. Even though it was the Ruling Class who now determined what this ‘truth’ was and what was allowed to be shown on the Magic Box.

This time, the Ruling Classes propaganda worked. The People in the land believed that only the Ruling Class was smart enough to fix the huge, threatening disaster that faced The People. Instead of rising up and taking their country back from the Ruling Class as they had done before, instead of finding the few remaining good and moral…and undeceived…. entities that still remained in the Ruling Class and forming alliance, the Lower Classes allowed themselves to be hoodwinked, to allow the Republicans (the current code word of the time for the worst elements of the Ruling Class) to Bullshytt them.

They bought it. They did NOT rise up. They allowed themselves to fall back into the consumerized slumber that The Crisis had roused them from….

To be continued???


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