Thank You, Jerry!

A friend of the blog, Jerry Northington, a/k/a possum competed well in the primary in Delaware, attempting to bring progressive change to Joe Biden’s home state.

Though he didn’t quite make it all the way, our hearts and best wishes go out to Jerry.

You can find his latest diary here, assessing the race:

Short only of winning I and those associated with the campaign accomplished our primary goals.  Early on in my relationship with every campaign staff member and with many volunteers who came to the race later, I expressed my absolute dedication to honor and principles.  Together we ran a race in which our collective honor was kept intact.  We sacrificed not one principle for the sake of gaining another vote.  We each and every one leave the field bloodied but unbowed.  Our heads are held high.

This has been without a single doubt the greatest experience of my entire life to date.  The challenge was the biggest I ever faced.  The course of the campaign led me to people, places, and actions which would never have entered my life otherwise.  I learned a great deal about myself and about others along the trail.

I became acquainted with possum at Daily Kos through his fascinating stories of growing up in the country and the lessons he learned thereby.  He’s a wonderful fellow and if any of you are of the mind, please visit his diary and give him some love.


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    • OPOL on September 11, 2008 at 05:11

    At least we all live to fight another day.  Until next time my brother.  Much respect and love.

  1. I supported this run, and I’d do it again.

  2. On the basis of OPOL’s diary about “possum” and his knowledges, I contributed to Jerry’s campaign and received a very nice “thank you.”

    I hate that, again, IMHO, it is all about money and how much you have or can garner!

    Heartfelt good wishes to you, “possum!”

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, NPK!

  3. How I wish (along with so many others) that you had won this election.  Thank you so much for running for office.  I know it has been a long and difficult journey and I truly appreciate your efforts.

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