Subverting Freedom of Choice and Undermining Healthcare for Women

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There’s an important diary up over on DailyKos, posted by Elise, that you all need to read:

I’ve got the opening excerpted after the jump.

Here’s the opening:


Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt has proposed a new rule that will limit the rights of women to receive medically accurate information and treatment. The alleged goal of the rule is to protect the rights of health care workers, volunteers, and trainees. The result would be limited access to birth control and abortion for women all over the country – regardless of state law.

From CNN:

The rule, which applies to institutions receiving government money, would require as many as 584,000 employers ranging from major hospitals to doctors’ offices and nursing homes to certify in writing that they are complying with several federal laws that protect the conscience rights of health care workers. Violations could lead to a loss of government funding and legal action to recoup federal money already paid.

The comment period ends on September 25th. We have 19 days until this rule takes effect.


Read the whole thing. What it amounts to is an attempt to further restrict choices and options for women everywhere with regard to the availability of birth control information, medicine, medical services and related health issues.  It further impacts the capacity of women to make a choice regarding abortion, as well as permits healthcare providers and insurance carriers — and a host of others — to deny service and tell the patient to seek help elsewhere, without having to provide a recommendation or referral.

It’s another attempt to subvert a woman’s right to choose and her capacity to control her own body and life, and it’s insidious in nature.

According to the diary update, “Junkyard Dem has added a link to Digg.”  Digg it.  Alert others.  Spread the word and stop this obscenity before it becomes the new standard and means to further restrict and control the rights of women in our society.


    • GreyHawk on September 7, 2008 at 02:32

    this wasn’t intentionally FP’d, but I’d hoped it would appear there.

    Guess it was a fortunate error — this is, IMO, a crucial item worth striking down.  It’s yet ~another~ end-run around the law and Constitution to chip away at women’s reproductive rights and the right of women to govern their own bodies; it goes beyond just reproductive issues and impacts other health issues as well (tho, granted, those are in a sense related).

    These fvckers must be stopped from pulling this sort of deceptive, insidious sh!t.


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