Sorry, John

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On the streets, men who use women for sex can be arrested for being “johns”.

In Washington, men who use women like “John” McCain does get standing ovations.

Nice try, John. But no cigar.

Yes, you did manage to find the “perfect soul mate” if you were looking for a match the sorry excuse of a soul you have left. She’s perfect for the job of convincing the sad excuse of a base you still think you have to vote for you, now that you’ve sold out all the rest of  principles to the highest bidder and are still coming up short.

Oh, you’ve got THEM in your pocket now, for sure.

You somehow managed to find a very pretty, right wing fundie, creationist, book banning Mama Governor, who just gave birth to a special needs baby that she was more than willing to display, (face first, yet!) in front of your whole National Convention!  Mission Accomplished. Hope your codpiece fit.

Dressed like Marion the Librarian, with a walk that looked like her knees were glued together, she skillfully parroted all the words you programmed into her teleprompter just like a good girl should. Gotta hand it to you, John, ya did good. (Except you should do something about her automatic recoil reaction whenever you try to hug her: that doesn’t look so good.)  

But, no cigar, John, no cigar. Your life time of using women for your personal gain is OVER.  

You’ve lost it ol man, whatever you once had: it’s withered away along with your soul, and there isn’t enough Viagra in this entire world to bring it back up.

You’re the emperor who has torn off his OWN clothes and is now standing there in all your limp and withered glory.

Sorry, John.

No cigar.  


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    • Edger on September 4, 2008 at 6:06 pm
  1. all, and didn’t screw around. Too bad the sorry excuse we have for journalists, are compelled to put more lipstick on this pit bull caricature of an American woman. When they declared that the right had found their Obama, I almost threw up. Makes sense when you figure he’s nothing more then a sicko who calls his sickness hero. Pro life indeed! Drill Baby Drill.  

  2. …to the point, short & sweet bitter.

    But I’m still scared McTomb and his 3rd “Beauty Queen”, with a little help from Rove and all his new clones, could pull this off.

    I can’t tell you how frightened I feel by the possiblity of  Miss Vamp Alaska becoming Veep &/or Prez!

  3. I know what the delegates and the traditional media are spouting about this candidate, but tell me true, does anyone believe a single word of it?  I doubt it.


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