Sheer Incompetence

Yeah, they know how to run a dirty, dishonest, lie-filled campaign….but what else can they do?

The Republicans can’t run the economy, they can’t run a war, they STILL can’t run a competent disaster response what can they do?

Really, what?


They are incompetent boobs, and worse, they are incompetent boobs because of their ideology…ON TOP OF…just being plain bad at anything having to do with actually getting things done. Efficient government is not just a foreign concept to them, it is the anathema of everything they profess to believe in. They, as has had to be said FAR too many times, are ideologically against government. Is this why they do it so badly? Or are they just stunningly oafish incompetent assholes, who couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel??

It may be just me, but I think the American voters should be made aware of the fact that behind the facade of the Daddy Party, the Republicans are unable, when all is said and done, of running a neighborhood lemonade stand, let alone an entire country, let FAR alone an effective foreign policy…in a time when a superb foreign policy is absolutely necessary.

The economy is failing, if not failed. They still can’t figure out what to do, let alone how to ‘win,’ either of their wars. They are on the verge of restarting the Cold War and alienating allies in our own hemisphere to the point of expelling our ambassadors, once again being accused of fomenting coups, the CIA’s favorite pet trick.

And now, after the disaster of Katrina that shocked the sensibilities and consciences of everyone in the world BUT the blind followers and leaders of the Republican “Leadership,” there are indications that they STILL can’t get it right.

8 years of this farce. A wake of economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian disaster too wide to measure. Idiocy on the march. Incompetence on parade. And their are still people out there who believe in these fools? Sorry, we just can’t afford to indulge your….simplicity…right now.



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    • Edger on September 15, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    Wouldn’t four more years of this actually be good for the country and the world?

    You know, so even the wingnuts will learn, and finally bury the knuckledraggers in a tar pit somewhere, or put them on display beside the dodo birds in the Smithsonian?

    Wingnuts will learn? Well, maybe not huh?

  2. i don’t think that bush and the goppies are incompetent. i think that bush has acted intentionally and strategically to futher his political agenda,and so from his perspective, has been a success.

    from the perspective of normal people, no one would have these many screw ups unless they were incompetent, but that presupposes that the goppies give a damn about normal values and they don’t.

    so, when bush screwed up with katrina, people say oh, how incompetent. but bush and the goppies knew for years that the ffailure to repair infrastructure would cause a katrina disaster. they knew that allowing oil and gas to build infrastructure would cause the loss of wetlands, which would enhance the storm surge.

    incompetence meme gets them off the hook, because public says, oh, just a bunch of idiots. but their acts and inactions were intentional, calculated, and by goppies accepting the incompetence label, they avoid political and legal accountability for at worst, intentional acts and at best, misfeasance in office.

    • JayV on September 15, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    were the reports on NPR about the “finger pointing.” The feds, state and local (municipal) authorities all playing the blame game. Vis a vis the food shipments distribution once they arrived at the local areas. It’s about incompetence, for sure, but it’s also telling me the NPR reports ignored the lack of communication among the authorities. No system was set up to let each government element know what was needed or expected. And after all these years after Katrina, they have not learned a friggin’ thing.

  3. … this is all part of some cunning plan by the neo-cons to destroy America — in which case they are far from incompetent, they are in fact geniuses based on how well they’ve achieved that goal.  

    • brione on September 15, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    Maybe that’s the way that it could be framed?

    Or…”Why Do Republicans Hate America?”

  4. partisan politics. Reality has trumped politics right now right here. If I a Obama supporter and life long Democrat cannot understand the difference between them,  framing and blame will not move the majority who just look and see that their is no reality in either campaign. They see that once again the cries for change and reform offer nothing against the crashing consequences of turning our government into an ATM for the corps along with the fear mongers attendant. However not to worry once agian the most deluded and ignorant are going to decide. Their reality is the one we will all dance to. Madness!    

  5. are basically tied. The Reagan years primed the American people to see government as a distant cousin to the real rulers: the corporate elite.

    If McCain does win I might have to officially admit I have no faith in the American populace.

    Obama should be a runaway train and he isn’t.

    • robodd on September 16, 2008 at 12:33 am

    turn on his head.  Imagine this:  the so-called elite are the very ones, through these accounting and marketing schemes, who have destroyed the banking system.

    Who is stupid and who is smart?  Where is this insanity going?  Where will it stop?

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