Sarah Palin and my Aunt Sherri

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  The first thing I laid eyes on this morning was “Newsweek Bombshell: Palin & Family Warned of “Emotional Child Abuse” by Judge “ Steven R. I am still trying to get my jaw back in place.

     Wow what a coincidence. Not only does my aunt share the same initials with Sarah Palin,she acts like her too. I am going through the same thing with my daughter Ashley due to our Aunt Sherri’s ass act. That ass act being disparagement of my husband and myself resulting in my 14 year old mentally disabled daughter running away twice,trying to commit suicide,and placing herself in the company of two grown men that she doesn’t even know!


“Disparaging will not be tolerated-it is a form of child abuse,” the judge told a settlement hearing in October 2005″.

 I like this judge,I really do. I’ve been putting up with our aunts vicious name calling,criticism,and hatred for 32 years. I can only hope that the judge we face feels the same way in that Aunt Sherri has in fact been emotionally abusive. After all,Ashley had spoken to her prior to both incidents. Ashley has also called me in tears after having spoken with our aunt on several occasions and said herself that “Auntie Sherri is mean. She says nasty things that are not ok. etc” Ashley has said that she doesn’t want to speak to our aunt but the staff at the group continue to hand her the phone when our aunt calls. Once Ashley is handed the phone she is afraid to say no. I have repeatedly asked that our aunt be removed from Ashley’s contact list but it has yet to happen.

 Ashley’s case worker called yesterday and informed me that a motion would have to be filed in court in order to have our aunt removed from Ashley’s contact list. My lawyer is more than happy to oblige.

 My parents were unable to prevent her from running me into the ground verbally. I have never had the kind of issues that my daughter does. I didn’t like the way I was treated but I survived the torment. Ashley is much too fragile mentally to be able to handle this. She has already suffered more than enough. Judge Suddock said

   “It is the mother’s responsibility to set boundaries for her relatives and insure they respect them, and the disparagement by either parent, or their surrogates is emotional child abuse,”.

This mother has had enough. I will not rest until that bitch also known as Aunt Sherri is ordered to leave my daughter alone!

 So then,what exactly is the difference between Sarah Palin and our Aunt Sherri? Sarah Palin is front page news. Sarah Palin is a political figure albeit a sorry one that I certainly do not want to see in the Oval Office. Beyond that they are pretty much same. While your average joe citizen more than likely will never make the news;I’m here to tell you,they are every bit as capable of causing their families heartache and pain. I can only hope and pray that no more damage is done. Not to our Country,not to my daughter and our family,nor anyone else who has suffered abuse at the hands of a family member.

 Ashley will appear in court this afternoon to determine whether she will be released back to the group home or stay in Juvenile Hall pending the hearing. As hard as it is for me to admit this,I just assume have her remain in Juvenile Hall for now. At least there she is being cared for,closely watched and is unable to run away or try to harm herself again.

More to come as I receive additional information…



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    • odillon on September 10, 2008 at 18:53

    a situation to be in. I went through it with my adopted (and only) child. He went through abuse in his first six years in Korea and it broughton ptsd when he was a teen. He was in hospitals and group homes for two years solid and was very rejecting of me since I was the only one to stand by him no matter what, so I took the abuse.

    I learned to be a strong advocate for him to get the treatment he needed and despite being told by the head shrink of our insurance co that we should give up on him, just be glad if he even survived(!) that wasn’t an option. But it was pure hell for those years. [Marriage ended, but I suppose it was destined for that anyway.]

    You did not ask for advice, but might I suggest a restraining order against the aunt who insists on calling your daughter? If the staff will not comply with your order that may be the only thing you can do, if you are willing to. I think you are exactly right about her staying in the Hall right now if she needs protection. It’s awful for you to have to go through it, but she’s in need of protection so that’s the bottom line.

    I’m going to read that article now. Take care.

    • Alma on September 10, 2008 at 19:11

    My heart is with you.

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