Pony Party: Caption This Pic!

Just for fun, here are some images I adore.  With all the excellent writers here at dd, I’m sure you can come up with some clever comments.  And please add your own images, captioned or not, in the comments.

So, my challenge to dharmaniacs:

Caption this pic!


This is an Open Thread.  Do not REC the pony party!

Here are some more:

Caption This Two:


Son of Caption This:


Four pete’s sake, Caption This:


Cinco de Mayo Caption This:


buhdy’s pony Caption This:


Sixtus the Seventh Caption This:


And Finally, What the Hell Is This?


h/t triciawyse


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  1. 1) Why do I have to see you naked and cooking?

    2) Yeah…in a couple of years, you’ll be crawling away in terror when I do this!

    3) Mine’s bigger than yours! Bwahahahahah!

    4) What? No Fruit Loops?

    5) Araugh! Fire Ants!

    6) And the lone lion waits in the bush for an unsuspsecting Zebra!

    7) Yes…I remember Uncle Remus well!

    8) We’z no likez potatoez…we’z likez ze humanz blood!

    • RiaD on September 4, 2008 at 2:42 am

    1. can you do this??

    2. it mo-o-o-oved!!

    3. whaaat? do i have something stuck in my claw?

    4. ONEcan

    5. anything is possible, if you believe

    6. and the fierce jungle lion waits for the perfect moment….

    7. mom said you’re not supposed to go out that far out

    8. and they’re off! out of the shoot and down the straightaway, rolling their taters magnificently! who will win? it’s going to be a close one!!!

  2. 1.  “mccain’s talking again”  😉

    2. “weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-we-um-um-mu-waaaaay”

    3.  “i just own the one home, thank you for asking”  😉

    4.  “do you smell waffles?”

    5.  “CANNONBALL!!!”

    6. “Buhdy….what am i supposed to feed this pony???!”

    7.  “no, bob…it’s step, turn, chirp….”

    and finally, “this” (8) is the gerbil triplets, sweeping the medals in the tater-lympics!!!  

  3. By all of the Celtic Gods…this is just fabulous!

    I think I just may have a new group added to my faves!

  4. 1.   I’ve just got to sneeze.

    2.   I wanted to play, but buhdy’s sleeping.

    3.   I had a subprime loan, but they foreclosed on me.

    4.   No, I’m not Cpl. Clinger!

    5.   Boing

    6.   That’s a funny looking person.

    7.   Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

    8.   Russian gerbil potato taster.

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