“Pompous, Self-Serving Son of a Bitch” Endorses McCain”

As the GOP primary battle waged, the wingnuts including Paul Weyrich opposed McCain with all of their holy rightousness and threatened to vote third party.  

Who is Paul Weyrich?

Paul Weyrich, often called the founding father of the conservative movement, cofounded with Edwin Feulner (and a lot of Coors cash) the Heritage Foundation in 1973. He currently is associated with the secretive far-right outfit the Council on National Policy and heads up the Free Congress Foundation, described by Matt Bai of the New York Times Magazine as “an army of well-financed, loyal ideologues, each occupying a place in the power structure and with enough reach to turn ideas into policy. Link

Many conservatives would at least consider his views when voting.  

So, it was no surprise that Weyrich refused to support McCain during the primary. In national political circles, it is well known that the two have a long history of mutual animosity.

Weyrich on McCain

Weyrich told National Journal earlier this year that he questioned whether McCain had the temperament to be commander in chief because he was too hot-headed.

McCain on Weyrich

Weyrich possesses the attributes of a Dickensian villain,” he wrote in his 2002 book, Worth the Fighting For. “Corpulent and dyspeptic, his mouth set in a perpetual sneer as if life in general were an unpleasant experience, he is the embodiment of the caricature often used to unfairly malign all religious conservatives.” McCain added: “I like to think I know a pompous, self-serving son of a bitch when I see one.

Grovel, grovel, flip-flop, fast forward

Paul Weyrich, one of the godfathers of the modern conservative movement, endorsed John McCain for President last week.

After McCain won the Republican nomination, Weyrich said, the Arizonan “came to my office to see me.  We talked things over and he asked for my support.”


Apparently McCain decided that what his campaign desperately needed was the support of at least one more “corpulent and dyspeptic … pompous, self-serving son of a bitch.”

Kudos to the People for the American Way for this juicy little story.  


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