My RNC so far

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It’s not so much free speech under attack, as Freedom of Assembly.

Working solo, I’ve been able to fly signs right up to the gates where the delegates are searched before entering Excel. Anything that appears to be a group over 5, however, gets excluded from the perimeter.

Easiest access is by taxi. The police stereotype of bad demonstrator has you entering on foot.

During Mondays brawl by the river, I was directly behind the National Guard line, posing with my “This is a test of the Emergency Free Speech System” sign. The only police interference with my activity was an admonishment to “wait for the walk sign.”

Tuesday, Vermin Supreme and I worked the line of delegates awaiting searches. Vermin had his everpresent bullhorn. “To assist in the process, please remove your shoes. Then drop your pants and spread your cheeks for the rectal probe. President McCain asks that you retain this position for the next four years.”

I was upstream, at first flashing a “STOP GOVRERNMENT SPYING” banner, then riffing with Vermin. “You folks look like you’re here for a funeral. Where’s the Republican Team Spirit?” Vermin would then try to lead them in a cheer. “When I say ‘John’, you say “McCain. Got it?” JOHN… silence. JOHN… silence.

Whenever a delegate grinned at our antics, I’d point him out. “That one smiled. He’s an infiltrator. Waterboard him.”

I had the exiting delegates to myself. “Funeral’s over, time to liquor up!”

St. Paul’s daily, the Pioneer Press, used my “Emergency Free Speech System” banner in their editorial recapping Monday’s big Peace March, May we never take freedom for granted


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  1. wear light colors. The cops figure anyone dressed in black is a “bad demonstrator.”

  2. You go dude.

    Stay safe, I’m not driving to St. Paul to bail you out.

    • kj on September 4, 2008 at 04:35

    on the tubes, but i am madly in love with you and Vermin Supreme, Ben.

    please, next time, invite me along.  😉

  3. to you Ben!  Love the report.  

    I recognized you on a YouTube of the RNC protest. It was cool.   I tried to find the video but can’t remember when/where I saw it.  Will keep looking through my browser history.  

  4. A lot of it the weather, Rage show in MPLS.

    Flashed “Your Blunder War is Showing.” MSNBC.

    Conan? Oliver, in Paul Revere gear beside me gave a better show.

    tomorrow’s sign, “Your Party is SO over.”

  5. You and Vermin could make one hell of a documentary together.  It’d be like the Cheech & Chong of protest movies!

    I do have a serious question though.  I was watching the footage of the empty free speech zone and it occurred to me that the space could have been be used more effectively.

    For instance, why not have a big Free Speech Fest in the Free Speech Zone?  Bring in risers, a PA system and speakers, (maybe bands and booths as well?) and turn the zone into the ground zero of a Counter Convention?

    Broadcast the whole thing over the tubes and you’ve got yourself an event.

    What d’ya think?  

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