Lies, Damned Lies, and Damnation

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According to the U.S. Army, Private First Class LaVena L. Johnson was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound from a rifle on July 19, 2005.  

She was found in the tent of a military contractor.  She had been beaten, burned badly on one side of her body, her nose had been broken, and someone had poured lye on her vagina.  The crime scene sketch showed her rifle was several feet away, on the other side of a cot.

This 5’1″ woman, who volunteered to serve in our Armed Forces, serving in a war zone, was beaten, raped, murdered and set on fire.  Our government concealed this from her family.  Our government concealed this from the public.  The Army rewarded her for her service by promoting her posthumously to Private First Class and giving her a medal for Good Conduct and the Army Commendation Medal.  They rewarded her father, himself an Army veteran, by refusing to give him any details of his daughter’s death until after Missouri Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr. (D) made hay of it during the Pat Tillman-Jessica Lynch hearings.  Afterward, they sent him a CD-ROM of color photos of his daughter’s body.

The theme for the Republican National Convention this week is “Country First”.  Sen. John McCain claims to believe in that principle.  PFC Johnson did as well; she honored her family tradition of putting her country first.

Consider, for just one moment, what our country seems to think of PFC Johnson.  What her worth was to the armed forces.

Ask yourself, do the people who concealed and lied about these events “share your values”?


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  1. ….another day, another horrific lie by our government.

  2. scare me only slightly less than those who perpetuated the events.  and i’m thoroughly sickened by both.

    but beyond the sickening, im downright appalled by the obviousness of the lie….so inconsistent with actual evidence…as if they felt completely untouchable enough to not even pretend to be actually making the ‘story’ fit the outcome…

  3. the truth sneaks out from under the big lies the unbelievable story we hear, and yet for the most part people prefer the made up story. The official story adopted by all in power denies these atrocities no criminals, just patriots and heroes with a few bad apples. Hard to stomach the politics that refuses to look at what is going on. People cheer and vote for more calling it security or patriotism or the worst winning. A dark culture of death passed of as values heartland or the American dream, so rotten under the flag waving and the podiums that it reeks. Why is it unspoken, why are we afraid to take a look at what were doing? Instead we get speeches about keeping Americans safe. Safe from who and what?          

  4. guarding the hen-house.

    Sometimes the fox is seen with a mouthful of feathers, and only then do we get a glimpse of the treachery these people are capable of perpetrating on all of us.

    Then some other fox comes along, promising a different, more gentle, and compassionate stewardship of said hen house.

    I leave it to all of you to consider the fox / FoxNews metaphor.

  5. …but it’s (another) story I have to know. Because these people don’t share my values. But they (and those who refuse to fully challenge them) have been running the country for some time now. And may well continue to do so.

    So, thanks, sort of, Jay.

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