Liars named to Palin’s ‘truth squad’

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At least two confirmed liars have been named to Sarah Palin’s new “Truth Squad.”

Former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow, who was widely criticized by state and national media for lying about a former Supreme Court Justice’s record last spring, was named to a Republican “truth” squad to defend the GOP VP hopeful.

During a nasty Supreme Court race, Farrow penned a fundraising letter that falsely claimed that Justice Louis Butler wrote a decision releasing a sexual predator into the community. In fact, the offender never left confinement.   Newsweek, among others, called Farrow on her lie.

Scot Ross, executive director of One Wisconsin Now, which exposed Farrow’s lie, said:

This is a perfect assignment for Farrow, never known to let facts get in the way of her partisan agenda.

Then there’s Jane Swift, former governor of Massachussetts.   Time reports:

It came out last summer she’d lied on her marriage license” to hide the fact that she’s the fourth wife of her husband, Chuck Hunt.

How many more liars made the team?


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  1. …the Warrior Princess, it’s hard to know where to start.  But here’s an amazing article that NLnStLouis turned me onto:

    Sambo Beat the Bitch .

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