Let’s Help Don Siegelman!

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For the past two days, Don Siegelman been working in DC and meeting with Members of Congress, trying to build support to get the Karl Rove contempt citation up for a vote and trying to count votes for final passage.


Two important areas where we need help:

1. Convincing the Democratic leadership that this will be good for our country and good for those running for re-election, and

2. Getting the word out to some key Democrats that their vote on the Rove contempt citation is critical!

Game plan: Write and fax the Members of Congress in the table below — and, if you haven’t already, email your own Member of Congress at www.ContemptForRove.com.  Then, on Monday, start calling their offices in DC and their offices back in their Districts.

Message: Letting Rove off the hook is bad for our country and bad for Democrats running for re-election. Democrats are in a majority and should stand up to Rove and defend our constitution and begin to restore justice and our democracy. If Rove is not held in contempt, his followers will wreak havoc on the November elections: more voter suppression, more voting equipment failures and shortages of workers and equipment in key Democratic precincts, more votes stolen.

If Democrats suck it up and vote to hold Rove in contempt, they send two messages: ONE, Democrats can be trusted to defend our Constitution and will restore justice and preserve our democracy. TWO, if Rove is held in contempt, the “Rove Clones” will get the message that they too may get a subpoena and think twice before carrying out more election day subversion.

The key Democrats to whom we need to offer our support:


* Please remember to write and fax TODAY!

* Please email your own Member TODAY!

* Please call and fax on MONDAY and TUESDAY!

We are told that Wednesday and/or Thursday may be our only remaining time to get a vote.  So please start now:  Fax, email, and call!

P.S.  Please forward this to everyone you know, and invite them to email their Members of Congress as well!

Contribute to the Siegelman Legal Defense Fund Today!

Thank you Dharmaniacs!  Anything you can do to help Don will also help our country and will be greatly appreciated.



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    • OPOL on September 19, 2008 at 22:50
    • RiaD on September 19, 2008 at 23:43

    YOU are the BEST!!


  1. His 9 months inside leave him ready to make the needed reforms without a learning curve. Anyone without the experience of incarceration’s too likely to believe the bullshit from the permanent flacks.

  2. This is an unbelievable saga that continues on.  

    When I last contributed to Don Siegelman, I received a letter from him and a handwritten note thanking me — how often does that happen?  It’s a humbling experience for a person, regardless of its lack of validity and dirty play!

    I have already signed the ContemptForRove.com action, with some added words of my own.  It’s hard to believe how Rove has so far gone unscathed for not having responded to his subpoena — who on gawd’s green earth could get away with that?  No one and neither should he!

    Will try to help otherwise, as well!

    I so hope justice will prevail for Don Siegelman.  The whole story is a totally revolting episode.

    Curiously, I have received this (some snips) from DemocraticGovernors.org

    . . . . Make no mistake, there is a battle going on right now for the heart and soul of our country, and it’s being played out in 49 gubernatorial races between now and 2010. The Governors we elect in the next few years will shape our country for years to come. Not only do we need Democratic leadership at the state level, but this group of Governors will be central to the next round of congressional and legislative redistricting. The stakes could not be higher.

    What’s more, national Republicans are currently predicting a 16-seat pickup between now and 2010, and they plan to use these seats to gerrymander 30 new House districts for Republican candidates. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. This is exactly the same gambit made famous by Tom Delay in Texas. . . .

    So, it seems that the Republicans will attempt to unseat every governorship possible, in an effort to preserve control STILL.  Maybe, Don Siegelman was simply an “early victim.”

  3. Will mail by Monday at the latest.

  4. …that Pelosi should continue to NOT enforce these subpoenas.  The infection from her/this precedent is already spreading.  Sarah Palin, Todd Palin, and other Rethug Alaskan officers have stated they will not honor their subpoenas for testimony on “Trooper Gate”.  

    The inaction of feckless Democrats has increased the lawlessness of the Repug elites many times over.  I called Pelosi yesterday to express my horror at the travesty which her inaction has promoted.

    Supporting Seigelman’s call to enforce the subpoena of Karl Rove is a good place to start turning this around.

    May Justice return!

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