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These people have No Self Worth, I’m talking about those that just hang to this imaginary, once proud, Republican Tag. Even still calling themselves Conservative!

They allow themselves to be led around like the robots they’ve become, and frankly some on the Democratic side are just as willing, but the fall into line and march in lockstep Falls Souly on the GOP!

They’ve been Silent and Accepting of the Lies that led our Troops into Occupations and All that has come about because of that, the torturing, the no-bid contracts, the corruption, the deaths and maiming’ s…………………………………………, and oh so much more!

They’ve been Silent and Accepting as our Freedoms have been slowly stripped away, and Accepting of Rule by Executive Branch Alone ignoring the fact they have hired others to Represent Them!

They also find it Very Easy to Condemn those that give Service to Their Lives and Freedoms!

Last election cycle they Laughed at and Mocked the Military Service of one of the Presidential Candidates who Served This Country In Vietnam, just as I Did, and being in the same service branch, the U.S. Navy, they Spit on my Service, All my brother and sister Naval personal who served In-Country, and All the other Service Personal, but most of All, All Those Who Have Served This Country and Received It’s Highest Honor For That Service, The Purple Heart!!!

I was waiting to see how they would Slam their Fellow Americans this year. Well they started early, peppering their talking points with the words needed, leading up to their Convention, and Let Both Barrels Go, Loud and Clear!!

They went after Anyone who ‘Volunteers’, everyone who run those Volunteer Organizations, to Help Others, you know that Christian and Human Ideology They Claim seemingly as their own as they Slam those who are following the same teachings but not Their Views!

I’m to Royally Pissed, as a Veteran, an Activist, and an Advocate to really go deep into All they’ve ‘Spit’ on, others have already started these Long Lists, you can read one Here as well as  Here and Here.

There will be Plenty more I’m sure, especially as the Advocate, Volunteer, Community realizes what they’ve been subject to.

And Yes It’s Spitting On That Which You Do as An American As Well As All Others Who Share This Planet With Them!!!!!!!

By the way, did Anyone hear anything mentioned on what these candidates and this so called political party are going to do for this Country, Our World Standing {not creating more hatreds and enemies} and Leadership, Our Constitution, Our Democracy, Our Freedoms, and will we tonight??

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    • jimstaro on September 4, 2008 at 15:21

    Attack Speeches:

    Radio Alaska

    News Talk 1080 KUDO Alaska Progressive Voice

    Click on and listen to Progressive Radio right from the State of Alaska, not some fatass with his imaginary prick stuck in his mouth, wishful thinking on rush’s part.

    7am-9am – Cary Carrigan Show

    3pm-6pm – CC and her show Cutting Edge.

    {listened to this program last night as the covention was in full swing, pretty damn good}

    Shows are listed Alaska time, which is one hour earlier than Pacific time.

    Also if you haven’t found it yet visit Mud Flats Blog and join the conversation after reading this Alaskans take on the politics of Alaska with some good humor thrown in to better understand this joke forced on this country.

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