War on Terror? Criminal Terrorism!! The Rand Report

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On the 29th of July an extremely important think tank report, paid for by the government, came forth from the Rand Corporation, a favorite of the Pentagon on National Security matters.

I heard the report early that morning on a news blip on NPR and went over to the Rand Site and found the report. I than posted about it on a number of sites as well as sent it out, all with back links.

There was also a link for a Congressional Briefing to be held on that day on the report.

At first I was shocked that very few picked up on the importance of this report, that day and the next, as well as the hearing. Than thinking about it later maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised that few political boards saw the need to report and most certainly fewer MSM outlets as well. There’s an Awful Lot of sheepish guilty consciouses that supported this criminal administration, and criminal it is, in the direction it started selling this ‘War on Terrorism’, and the MSM, purely for commercial profit, would love to see what their advertisers were paying for ads than, happily went along, War Sells Big Time! Hell these political people, the boards, the MSM, the majority of the voters even fear bringing charges and accountability, fear of what that may mean on the political front, to hell with the Constitution the Politics are more important!

There were a few people who like me tried to rattle the cages of these boards to pay attention, sadly they to were ignored. This morning truong son traveler had another great report posted on a couple of boards, after the MSM finally started to Get It, such as Keith Olbermann, after two days:

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Other News outlets have also started grasping the importance of the Conservative Rand Corporations report and it’s real meaning and have written it up, like these:

U.S. News and World Report

Since 2001, al Qaeda has conducted a greater number of attacks across a larger geographic area than at any time in its history. “We find it hard to agree that al Qaeda has been significantly weakened since Sept. 11, 2001,” says Seth Jones, coauthor with Martin Libicki of the report titled “How Terrorist Groups End: Lessons for Countering al Qaeda.”

The authors evaluate al Qaeda since 2001 as being both “strong” and “competent.”

What’s needed, the report suggests, is a “fundamental rethinking of U.S. strategy” to focus on minimizing overt military action and increasing intelligence collection and partnerships with law enforcement agencies around the world.

The report couldn’t have been clearer in its refutation of one of the central tenants of the Bush administration’s strategy against al Qaeda: the characterization of the conflict as a “global war.” The administration has frequently attacked critics-especially Democrats-who say that counterterrorism should be built around law enforcement strategies.

As well as this:

Countering al Qaeda, a must-read for Pakistan from Reuters.

It’s probably unusual to link to a report by the RAND Corporation and an op-ed on Foxnews.com in the same blog, but since both address the same subject – tackling al Qaeda in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region – here goes.

The first is a detailed report by RAND called “How Terrorist Groups End”.

Its analysis of 648 groups that existed between 1968 and 2006 concludes that “military force has rarely been the primary reason for the end of terrorist groups, and few groups within this time frame have achieved victory.” Calling for a rethink of U.S. strategy, it argues that policing and intelligence, rather than military force, should form the backbone of U.S. efforts against al Qaeda.”

And this:

Kerry Was Right from the Atlantic

As you may recall, back during the 2004 campaign John Kerry said something about counterterrorism being primarily a question to be dealt with through law enforcement and intelligence rather than something that should be understood as primarily a kind of war. George W. Bush was eager to pounce:

Some are skeptical that the war on terror is really a war at all. My opponent said, and I quote, “The war on terror is less of a military operation, and far more of an intelligence-gathering law enforcement operation.” I disagree-strongly disagree.

After 9/11 many were saying exactly what this Rand Report is now saying, seven years into this so called ‘War on Terror’, as well as our allies and even countries considered our foes or rather not friendly towards us, in going after al Qaeda and international criminal terrorism. We, the United States, had universal support from all corners of this planet after the devastating attacks on our country, that support would have brought the intelligence, the law enforcement agencies, and the militaries, if needed, to our aid in tracking down these criminal terrorists. This administration saw it differently and much more dangerously, wage a War on unknown factions, label them all terrorists, kill and destroy, thus creating the hatreds needed to enhance the threat leading to a replacement for the phony ‘Cold War’ by a ‘War on Terrorism’ for the wealth and power of the few and a long lasting destructive endeavor for the World to handle, and soon they will walk away with their profits and we as a Nation will hold no one Accountable!

Let me tell a little story here. After we invaded Afghanistan and ousted the Taliban, still not catching the leaders of al Qaeda, Veterans started planning an action of a Teach In to take place in Washington and called Operation Dire Distress, we saw the writing on the wall, what we ‘Nam Vets especially had promised we would never allow to happen again was about to do just that. The talk changed from Afghanistan to Iraq and invading that country and toppling that leader, though the Iraqi people had nothing to do with 9/11. As the drums of war with Iraq were beating louder the planning went on. The Teach In took place, at American University in DC, on Saturday March 22nd 2003, some two days after ‘Shock and Awe’ started destroying the country of Iraq and it’s people, there were some 300 to 400 Veterans, from World War II to the 1st Gulf War, as well as family and friends of some, from around the country.

This link is a PDF of the VFP Newsletter from that time, after that weekend Veterans For Peace Newsletter

THE TEACH-IN – Saturday, March 22

The Kay Chapel at the American University, Washington, D.C.,

teach-in was packed all afternoon as speaker after speaker, with

solid knowledge and passionate eloquence, expertly laid out the fallacies

and falsehoods driving the war in Iraq, the ways it could have

been averted, with honor, and the need to end it quickly.

I was impressed by the sanity with which people who have

earned the right to speak as soldiers and citizens and patriots of the

highest order confronted the insanity of the actions of the Bush

administration. It was a long and illustrious list of combat nurses,

intelligence experts, academics, clerics, citizens of all stripes – people

like Bobby Muller, Daniel Ellsberg, Ray McGivern, Charles

Sheehan-Miles, Jamie Vasquez, Jonathan Schell, Charley

Richardson and Nancy Lessing of Military Families Speak Out, our

president, David Cline. C-Span saw fit to broadcast it for four solid


A number of the speakers listed above, and there were more, were saying almost the exact same thing this Rand Report is now saying and much more, and we along with a growing voice of millions, in this country and around the world, have said since!

The next day a wreath laying was planned for all the monuments to those lost in our previous conflicts in Honor to their Service as our Brothers and Sisters in uniform, at the time the World War II monument had just started to be constructed

Two things happened that next day that I’ll never forget, one really moved me and others, the other showed us ‘Nam Vets how far this country hadn’t come and hos sheepish it’s citizens truly are, first a cut from the newsletter:


March 23

The day of the march was brisk and

sunny. Veterans and Military Families

from all over the country collected on a

knoll near the Vietnam Memorial. We listened

to a few, short speeches. Most of us

had our messages firmly placed in our

hearts and minds. In solemn procession

we made our way from one war memorial

to another.

At each, a small delegation of veterans

walked in and placed a wreath in

memory of those we knew and didn’t

know that were lost to their families.

Peter Shaw played his bagpipes on

each occasion but one; when he joined the

delegation to the Korean War memorial.

There we laid our arms on each others’ shoulders and kept a short


We visited the Office of Veterans Affairs. The Gulf War I vets,

of a war not yet memorialized, laid their wreath at the doorstep. In a

short speech, Erik Gustafson of EPIC and a member of VFP, noted

how the Congress voted out a resolution supporting the troops, yet,

at three the next morning, voted to cut billions from the budget of

the Office of Veterans Affairs over the next ten years.

The final official delegation delivered the VAIW statement of

purpose, signed by over 3000 veterans, ranking from Admirals and

Generals to PFCs, Airmen and Seamen, to the Whitehouse.

The President’s people refused to accept it.

The first, never to be lost memory, the one that moved me.

I had gotten to the Mall early in order to take some pictures of the War Memorials before the crowds started and the rest of the Veterans and friends showed up. There was a stage setup at the Lincoln Memorial didn’t go over there and didn’t know what it was for but was soon to find out. While there taking a few shots and waiting for the Vets I noticed people started showing up and heading down towards the stage area, none would look at me or if they did and I caught their eyes they would quickly look away. I asked a DC cop that was near by what the stage was for, it was a planned Clear Channel ‘support The Troops’ rally, now I understood why the no looks, I had my Veterans For Peace T-Shirt and Ballcap on, I’ll explain in a moment.

The vets started coming to the mall, as we were talking DC park personal started showing up with crowd control tube barriers, they look like bicycle racks without the center bars, They set them up in a line along the hill between us and the Vietnam Memorial, i.e. the Lincoln Memorial. While this was taking place we were joined by some other Vets, from around the area, that hadn’t been at the Teach In the day before. While talking I noticed one guy running towards us from the corner of the Mall. When he got up to us, out of breath, he asked who he should talk to to join VFP. Come to find out he had watched the Saturday Teach In on C-Span, jumped on a Red Eye out of Chicago and flew down to join us for Sunday’s Wreath laying, he was a ‘Nam Vet who hadn’t been active prior to the debacle that had started a few days before.

Now to the second occurrence, the state of this Nations Citizens, and the Treatment of Veterans, though us ‘Nam Vets had already lived with it for years.

See the picture above, see the horses, well about 8to10 of DC’s finest showed up riding them and took a line along the barriers. They were extremely nice to us but told us we couldn’t pass over, especially in masse to lay one of the Wreath’s at the Vietnam Memorial as we planned, only a small group of 3 to 4 would be allowed to do that Honor. Now as there were Veterans from WWII, through Korea, to ‘Nam and up to Gulf War I the majority were Korea to ‘Nam and we weren’t allowed to honor our Fallen Brothers of ‘Nam because the police thought there might be trouble if we Veterans got to close to the Rally ‘Supporting The Troops’, it was at the rally organizers request to keep us Veterans Away! No one was approached by any attending this rally, some 200 or so, so not one Vet was asked if they wanted to attend a rally in Support Of Our New Generation Of Coming Conflict Veterans! They were waving American Flags, playing Patriotic Music, singing along with the Patriotic songs and making speeches of ‘Supporting The Troops’ while Spitting Once Again On The Veterans Who Had Served Them In Protection Of Their Freedom, supposedly, and Democracy, supposedly!

A problem arose, if we couldn’t walk near this Patriotic Rally for our Service Members how does one get from the Vietnam Memorial and the others on that side of the reflecting pool to the Korean Memorial on the otherside, there was a fence up at the opposite end from the Lincoln Memorial for the WWII Construction, why one allows the DC Police to lead, enmasse, a walk through the reflecting pool which just happened to be empty for a well needed cleaning, like a miracle only the water didn’t need to part!!

Think about the above and if you’ve ever been to DC you can get a picture of how we were treated and the Honor Wreath laying, about 400 Veterans Shunned by the Patriotic Americans they served and our brothers and sisters died for!!

You know, those Clear Channel Rallies were never attended by huge crowds nor did they last long, they sort of went quietly away as the cheap magnetic ribbons took over, they too have pretty much disappeared.

We were saying, and have since, Exactly what this Rand Corporation report is saying now, and Think how many have died, been maimed physically and mentally, not just soldiers but civilians of another small country and how much damage has been done and the hatreds now that have been created!!

you can get the press release here, you can get the  full document here or a summary of the research brief here.


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    as usual.  Thank you brother.

    • Edger on August 1, 2008 at 17:56

    hatred, bigotry, fear of Islam generally and a clash of civilizations fantasy for all these years.

       “The earth is now home to about 1.4 billion Muslims, many of whom believe that one day you and I will either convert to Islam, live in subjugation to a Muslim caliphate, or be put to death for our unbelief.”

       This is an accurate statement of an Islamic article of faith; but so too is this statement:

       “The earth is now home to about 1.3 billion Roman Catholics, many of whom believe that one day you and I will either convert to Catholicism, live in subjugation to Holy Mother Church, or be banished to the depths of hell for all eternity.”

       It’s accurate to say that most Catholics “believe” this statement, but actually most Catholics, particularly American Catholics, might likely diminish the importance of this statement as “anti-social”, or “needlessly divisive”, or as a vestige of ancient Catholic dogma no longer relevant.


       Similarly, most American Muslims would also recognize the historic accuracy of Harris’ statement above as a matter of dogma; but I suggest they would likewise deny its importance to the contemporary practice of their Islamic faith. It is an extreme minority (Islamists) like Sayyid Qutb, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Osma bin Laden, who cherry-pick the Kuran to justify the bloody flag of fundamentalism.


       The CIA estimates that 1% of the U.S. population is Muslim — about 2.5 million Americans organized in about one thousand mosques across the country. Isn’t it remarkable that there has been no orchestrated incidents of Muslim violence in the United States, no mass protests, no act of organized terror perpetrated by Islamic Americans?

       Shouldn’t we attribute the fact that there has been no terrorist act committed in the U.S. since 9/11, at least in apart, to the peaceful nature of Islamic American communities and their respect for U.S. law?

    Deconstructing Christianity, By Bob Philbin, Oct 16, 2006

    There are crazy fringe fanatics in every society. Al Qaeda is probably a little bigger that the three I just mentioned, but is probably not anywhere the size of the group that supports Bush’s hegemonic fanaticism. There are no hordes of billions of insane Islamic killers out there about to wash over us in a tidal wave of massacre.

    There is a war on terror. It is a war to rid the world of people like George Bush, his regime, and their enablers.

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    how to stop the military industrial congress corporate complex, then we could really start to work to reduce violent crimes…

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