‘Twas the Night Before Veepmas…

‘Twas the night before Veepmas, when through Daily Kos

users were betting who Barack liked the most.

The diaries were screaming “pick this one or that!”

In hopes that Obama soon settles the spat;

The comments were nestled all snug on the page,

While visions of favorites became all the rage;

And Kos in his nightie said “please settle down,

you’ll love him or her or think they’re a clown.

There’s no pleasing all kossacks, and it doesn’t matter,

C’mon just be patient and stop with the clatter.”

Then cellphones were beeping, we all ran to look,

Flipped open our phones to see who he took;

When, what with our wondering eyes did we peep,

But a smiling Obama and eight tiny Veeps,

A little cartoon from our phones to our eyes,

To let us all in on Obama’s surprise!

Just one smiling group with our future leader,

crowded on phone screens for any old reader.

Barack smiled and chuckled and called them by name;

“Now, Daschle, now Clinton! Sebelius and Kaine!

Or Biden? or Clark? or Webb! Is it Bayh?

You like them? You hate them? Just tell us why!”

To the top of the ticket! to Denver! Beyond!

Which one makes the voters feel the most fond?

“Not me,” said Tom Daschle, “It’s Biden or Webb!”

But Webb said “It’s Clark or Clinton instead.”

And Biden looked wry, as out of his teeth,

He took out his foot, and said, “Don’t ask me, ask Keith.”

But Olbermann shrugged, and said “gee I don’t know,

But did you know that Rachel will have her own show?”

So with phones full of nothing, we cried to the skies,

“Please tell us now so we’ll stop throwing pies!

You know we’d be happy if you would just tell us

We’ll take Clark or Bayh or even Sebelius.

Our anxiety is driving us crazy you know,

And no medication our jitters will slow.”

And then, on the telly, I saw further proof

No pick was forthcoming, it’d all been a spoof.

As I flipped close my phone, and was turning around,

The cartoon Obama jumped out with a bound.

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread;

“I’ve done well so far, I beat Hill and Bill,

Have faith that my mojo is with me still.”

And as he faded, I cried, “Please, say what’s up!”

He said, “We’ll win in November, now shut the fuck up.“<?blockquote>


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  1. Santa pony for you!

    • robodd on August 20, 2008 at 08:17

    I mean tip jar?

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