The War Party

The Republicans have backed themselves into a corner, ideologically. So far no one in the Merde Stream Media seems to have noticed.

They are reduced to two themes, which are blatantly paradoxical, in the world of logic. Too bad that that world has so few inhabitants these days. And yet they cannot back away from either of them without losing their base(s) and without repudiating their own ideological philosophy. Which as any thinking person can see after 8 years of unopposed (unless you count Congress, hahaha) rule by the War party, is a complete and utter failure on all levels.

The first theme is of course,  War. The second hearkens back to Bush Sr’s “read my lying lips” moment that cost him a second term….thank the Goddess. McCain cannot in any way shape or form even suggest increases. Even as the national debt soars towards ten trillion dollars

and the budget deficit FOR JULY tops $100 billion as the administration bails out failed (due to Republican policies) banks and mortgage lenders, which have caused an international credit crisis that is devaluing the dollar and making it much, much harder to pay off the money that we are borrowing from China, the Arab states, and Russia …..the current target of McCain’s macho posturing. The Pentagon is requesting a record budget of over $600 billion, in addition to the supplementals for Iraq….which are now up to what the entire Vietnam War cost. But we cannot raise taxes to actually PAY for the Republican policy of endless war…so we just print more money, which devalues the dollar, making it harder and harder to pay off the money ….that we are borrowing hand over fist from our ostensible global enemies, so we can wage war against them! What a scam!


In other words….the US of A is broke and beyond broke, broken. There is no money to pay for more war, no matter how much paper we print. And yet the Republican Party is married to war. Not just as a policy in Iraq, but as an ideology, and not just as an ideology, but as their main source of funding and support. As the concerns of the social conservatives fade in importance to Americans in the face of hard economic times, the Republicans at this point exist for one main reason. As the policy and political arm of the Military Industrial Complex. Without war, they have got nothing but wedge issues like abortion, gay marriage and various other forms of hate-based hot-button issues. Which, to their undoubted chagrin, are cooling off as the thinking people in America come down from their jingoism induced adoration of the GOP in the face of the complete and utter failure of every single policy and position they have stood for since Gingrich’s Contract on America. They have lost the latest battle in the culture wars. America, since Schiavo and Katrina, and in the stark light of recession and inflation, has rejected “Compassionate Conservatism.”

So here they stand, no money to pay for war, but no way they can raise taxes. If they stop the war drums they lose their entire reason for being, if they raise taxes to pay for their wars they are betraying the one thing their real base cares about….themselves and their pocketbooks.

And McCain wants even MORE war. According to the revisionist Republicans, Ronald Reagan defeated the evil Soviet Empire by spending them into oblivion….McCain apparently wants to do the same for America, spend it into oblivion….so that he can obtain the one thing that every Republican President needs more than anything else on earth. A new existential enemy to fight on behalf of their biggest, most important constituency, the aforementioned Military Industrial Complex.

The Republicans cannot exist without war, without the club of fear of an existential threat to terrify Americans into electing them….but they have already looted the treasury to the point where America is in danger of economic collapse. But they cannot raise taxes to pay for their wars. A pretty pickle that would change the political equation….if the corporate media (GE, a major war contractor owns NBC, for instance) did not have a stake in keeping the status quo chugging along this slippery slope.

The Republicans have screwed up everything that they have touched…except the bank accounts of the richest one percent of Americans. Is that enough to allow (with the help of the media) them to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people one more time in the upcoming election? Can they cover up the inherent contradictions of their bankrupt and destructive ideology for one more cycle? Or will enough voters have the temerity to look up from the details and drudgery of their rapidly dwindling “American Lifestyle” to recognize the Republican scam of taking tax dollars for war from the poor and middle class while giving tax breaks to the richest Americans and the MIC? All at the increasing risk of American economic collapse?

So that they can continue to kill, torture and threaten the rest of the world’s population for their own gain?

We are about to find out…..Hold on to your hats!


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  2. and lets agree with the Russians.

    • Viet71 on August 16, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    with a thing you say, but I do agree with Ralph Nader.

    Two monsters, one head.

    Parties, IMO, matter little.

    The same evil fucks in the deep shadows are pulling the strings of both parties (with VERY notable exceptions such as Robert Wexler).

    • robodd on August 16, 2008 at 11:08 pm

    don’t do reality.

    • Edger on August 16, 2008 at 11:09 pm

    with an ideological philosophy that is a complete and utter failure on all levels… unless you are a weapons manufacturer or an oil company.

    When will those two industries wise up and figure out that short term huge profits come only at the expense of long term solvency?

    If they kill too many people, who will be left to buy oil or guns?

  3. war on their hands.

    The Economy well…….Greedy individuals, politicians and corporations have taken US to the edge of the cliff and there is not turning around.  And Sadly they are willing to use more war as a way to try to hold onto power and more money(war contracts)for a little longer.

    When American finally falls off the cliff, the greedy powers at the top will abandon it and their middle level dogs will try rule by police state as we fight internally over scraps.

    What can we do…Well, #1 Believe It, even through you wish it wasn’t true (mental preparation is key)…then…continue to get the truth out there…hope to wake-up more folks and try to create communities that demand truth and justice and who work for the common good.

    • Edger on August 17, 2008 at 3:40 am

    McCain has a problem that he can’t do anything about, I think. 😉

    Princeton psychologist Alexander Todorov has demonstrated that quick facial judgments can accurately predict real-world election returns. Todorov has taken some of his previous research that showed that people unconsciously judge the competence of an unfamiliar face within a tenth of a second, and he has moved it to the political arena.

    His lab tests show that a rapid appraisal of the relative competence of two candidates’ faces was sufficient to predict the winner in about 70 percent of the races for U.S. senator and state governor in the 2006 elections.

    “We never told our test subjects they were looking at candidates for political office — we only asked them to make a gut reaction response as to which unfamiliar face appeared more competent,” said Todorov, an assistant professor of psychology and public affairs.

    What was unknown to the participants in the third experiment was that the image pairs were actually the photographs of the two frontrunner candidates for a major election being held somewhere in the United States during the time of the experiment in late 2006. The races were either for state governor or for a seat in the U.S. Senate. In cases where an observer recognized either of the two faces, the researchers removed the selection from the data.

    Two weeks later elections were held, and the researchers compared the competency judgments with the election results. They found that the judgments predicted the winners in 72.4 percent of the senatorial races and 68.6 percent of the gubernatorial races.

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