THANK you, Eric Boehlert!

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If you haven’t read Smirking Chimp writer Eric Boehlert’s excellent column regarding the shameless double standard in media coverage of John McCain, now is the time to do it.  There are some grammatical errors, but beyond those, the piece does a superb job of pointing out the tepid criticism of just one of the Republican candidate’s endless series of lies – compared to its record of pouncing on nearly everything, no matter how innocent, uttered by Democratic candidates as pathological deceptions.  Boehlert systematically dismantles the new Lie being promulgated that the media has somehow “turned” on McCain.

Barack Obama does not support the return of the Fairness Doctrine.  He should, if for no other reason than it would place some restraints on media goons who play favorites during electoral cycles.  Please use the comment feature for ideas on how we can get the Democratic candidate to change his mind.

EDIT: Some jerk at Smirking Chimp thought it would be funny to get the thread I cross-posted there shut down, so I am upset to report that there is no discussion of how to pressure Obama to support the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine allowed there.  Please feel free to discuss ideas here, or at my forum.  Thank you.


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  1. Leave some lovin’, ladies and gentleman.  I don’t ordinarily leave “tip jars” anymore because of treatment I received at the claws of the Kos Hounds, but today I’m doing it.  Let’s see some ideas.  If there is a time to use what power we have to achieve one bright, glorious thing, it’s now.  The restoration of the Fairness Doctrine is crucial to restoring democracy.

    • Edger on August 7, 2008 at 16:59

    A movement that realistically threatens him with no votes in November unless he cleans up his act, and then rewards him with a landslide after he does would work.

    If anyone knows a way to motivate millions of people to do that it would help also.

  2. changed his mind?  Also, would the fairness doctrine be used by BO and his crew to crush any dissent against his actions from the ‘left?’  I think he would, and he’d use his spokespeople to represent the ‘left,’ further marginalizing what is an actual political left.

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