Sunday Morning Over Easy

I am thinking about the Tribes of Men this morning. So here’s my Sunday Sermon….

Thats what it always come down to, is it not? Whether your tribe is the Religious Right, and you see your kindred as upstanding God-loving people trying to save the world for the Love of Jesus….

whether your tribe is GLBT, trying to live free of hate crimes and discrimination in the way you were created….

whether your tribe is Zionism, trying to make a safe place by and for only your people…

whether your tribe is Lakota, trying to stop the desecration of the Black Hills, and have your treaty rights honored….

whether your tribe is intellectuals, trying to direct like Gods those you deem lessers….

whether your tribe is businessmen, trying to provide goods at a profit for your shareholders…

whether Indigenous, immigrated, expatriated…

it seems to me everyone is looking for a home where their “kindred” are looked after and go unmolested.

It is entirely natural for People who are attacked to fight back.

It is entirely natural for oppressed or falsely accused People to embrace that Divisiveness that separates us.

It is entirely natural for a Human to be angered by loss of the basic necessities of life.

I wonder if immersion therapy would stop it, if people had to be displaced for a few months with a family of those they consider “other” would there still be wars?  Just to live amoung them, rely on them for creature comforts, sustenance, life itself, without all the spin doctors and psycho-babble.

Perhaps not, for familiarity often breeds contempt as well.

Will humanity ever learn we are all “us”??? It appears not. It would suffice if we were to learn that “That is theirs, and we have no right to it. It is their choice whether the aluminum in that hill is not worth tearing it down.” as the Dongria Kondh people are saying.

Ownership of Earth herself is a tricky thing, but there has to at least be respect for areas that are tied to a People’s livelihoods and history. Shared places, like Jerusalem should be just that: Shared. It was a place, prior to the Crusades that Jews, Christians and Muslim shared peacefully, in fact using the same Temples on different days.

Resources are limited, I know, and since we live so out of touch with a sustainable environment, should magically oil all disappear from the Earth today, many legions of humans would die. But! The division of that resource has been so unequal, so squandered by some, unavailable to others while its very extraction has become “entitled” to a few, worthy of Wars and mass murder that I almost wish it would disappear.

It works its way down in an unending spiral from looking out for ones own, to exploiting others in an effort to hold ever more and more in stockpiles for oneself. The more one stockpiles, the more “others” become “other” from their natural Human reaction to abuse. Abused peoples bite back.

Ward Churchill wasn’t all that wrong when he said 9-11 was a debt we had incurred. It was a debt paid back mainly by our Saudi Allies, people like to forget that.

Human history has been genocide after genocide…. abuse after abuse, a constant lessening of one tribe to make another tribe feel more special.

They say Malcolm X (who I admire) found in Islam a color-blind place in the World, the only color-blind place he had found. They never mention how Islam “others” women as “lessers” as being objectionable to him. That bothers me.

In fact, all religions that say theirs is the only way to God bothers me on many levels.

If God/Allah/Yahweh (the big three exports) is so damned powerful, is he not bright enough to speak to each people in a way they best understood?  Would not the message to them be individualized to each tribe? Who are humans to interfere in that? Who are Humans to say “White Buffalo Woman or Iktomi are unworthy messengers, and Moses/Jesus/Muhammed are worthy?”

Oh, shut the fuck up.

If there is a God, he surely doesn’t need some stupid human to interpret and re-write history for him.

If there is a God, he is surely waiting for us to break out of our reckless, selfish, bullet-proof teen years, drop the “we are so cooler than you” cliques and grow up.

Every human can hear the heartbeat of the Earth, every human has to at least once in their life felt the “connection” of us all.

Its time to put down the comic books and hot rods of youth, lose the false bravado and admit it.

We are all looking for home, and Dorothy its been here all along.

Its in every face. As long as you can touch terra firma, and look into a humans eyes anywhere on the planet, you are home and with your family.

/ Sunday Sermon.

Now a little Church Music.

Crank your Speakers, baby… cuz Who Knows??


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    • Diane G on August 10, 2008 at 4:04 pm
    • Edger on August 10, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    I think I’ve had enough of this new age. So far it’s not turning out as advertised. I’m moving back to 1970 now. 😉

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