Sheehan Dharmathon! Run Cindy, Run!

Purity Trolls Unite! Send Money to Cindy! Send a message to Nancy! Resist! Rah Cindy! Rah democracy! Boo Pelosi and her boy George!


“All yours George, I won’t stop ya!”

However, in the interest of personal and blogging responsibility I am compelled to say….as a pretty much lifelong resident of the SF Bay Area, I can tell you that between habitual voters, “moderate liberals,” and a decades old powerful political machine backing the perfidious Pelosi…..Cindy has about as much chance of beating Pelosi as a puppy has of not being eaten if it strays to close to the ungodly maw of Dick “Cthulu” Cheney. So if you think you are sending money to elect Cindy Sheehan to Congress, I must reluctantly tell you to save your hard earned money. IF, however, you want to send money to Cindy to put pressure on Pelosi, fight for justice and the Rule of Law and against the cowardly and complicit Powers That Be and make your voice heard….then go forth and give what you can!

As any one familiar with the local politics will tell you, supporting Sheehan against Pelosi is in no way a Nader situation, no Republicans will be assisted, nor Democrats hurt by, Sheehans run. Anyone who calls this purity trolling has their head firmly up their ass. This is pure democracy and pure protest, only good can come of it. The only thing threatened is the reality bubble of the DC power structure, and that IS what we are fighting, right?

Back in the day I actually voted for Pelosi. (Ducks rotten tomatoes.)  Before she became our alleged Speaker of the House (Steny apparently is the real power, and Nancy more of a toady/figurehead…. or …has just COMPLETELY abandoned nearly everything she used to stand for) Pelosi was a decent enough Progressive. Since then she has become so enmeshed in the Great Power Game of DC that she has forgotten what she USED to fight for, she has obviously has put politics above principle, and lost all sight of what a representative of The People is hired to do. She made a choice to put politics above absolutely everything….EVERYTHING. To her and he cohorts the end is all that is important, and that end is, behind all of the posturing, personal power for her and her minions. Which brings us to the essential question that all the powermongers in our political system seem to have forgotten….what good is political power if you don’t use it to do what is RIGHT?  Shame Nancy, shame on you.

Evidence, real, solid evidence, of Bushcos crime can only be discovered, developed, and pressed though one means, the investigation that goes with impeachment. Enforcement of Congress’s power to check the executive branch  has only one process when the executive openly defies Congress’s authority as they are currently effortlessly doing, to the great and grand amusement of Republicans everywhere, There is only one remedy for a rogue presidential  administration. The very remedy that Pelosi far exceeded her Constitutional authority when she preemptively  took it off the table.  

There is no more blatant example of “party over country” than Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment off the table. It is inexcusable. It should be punishable. She should be held accountable for her major role in the usurpation of the Constitution, the Rule of Law and ….justice.

But accountability is what this is all about, isn’t it? If the one person most in charge, most responsible….whose main job is holding the executive branch accountable …doesn’t…. then what? What are the penalties for this monumental breakdown of our system of government that Pelosi has not just presided over, but been the main enabler, co-conspirator and, in effect, shield for? What can We The People do to hold accountable the person who was supposed to hold the president accountable?

When the system breaks down you have to go outside the system, and that is precisely what Sheehan is doing. Cindy knows she will not beat Pelosi. Thus all talk of how well Cindy would do in Pelosi’s place is moot, Cindy’s policy positions are moot, Cindy’s qualifications and carpetbagging are moot. This is pressure politics, pure and simple. She is running to make a point, to bring pressure, and to bring publicity to what has become….as the evidence mounts and mounts and mounts and as the world burns and burns and burns….the most shameful, despicable, and just plain WRONG exercise of power by a sworn officer of the Constitution in the history of these United States.

Pelosi HAS to be held accountable. Cindy Sheehan, bless her broken heart, is standing up to do what she can to hold her accountable. If you can, please help her.

Donate here: https://salsa.wiredforchange.c…

And despite my depressing “pragmatism,” Good Luck Cindy….stranger things have happened!


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  2. Who on God’s green earth would’ve thought we’d have a speaker of such an ilk?  I think she’s entralled by her own self-importance and has been right down the line.  As she said on “The View,” “I have a lot of power,” albeit, misused!!!!

    Ms. Pelosi is playing conflicting roles — there should be some way to bring her down!  

    I am confounded to understand how she or anyone could remove Impeachment from the table legally!  Removing Impeachment from the table, in essence, removes that provision from the Constitution.

    • Viet71 on August 11, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Think I’ll go live under a bridge.

  3. . . . to get a Republican elected in any San Francisco district, no matter who is running against the incumbent.  But assume, in some theoretical universe, that some theoretical San Francisco Republican were elected to replace Nancy.  How would that be any worse than what we have now?  La Pelosi has proved herself over and over again to be a loyal team player for CheneyBushCo.

  4. If there were a chance that Cindy would be elected, or that this would lead to a Repub being elected, I’d have to consider this in an entirely different light.  I’d probably have to express my ambivalence if not antipathy for Cindy and her politics.  But when I consider the situation as a chance to bring pressure, I’m happy to shell out in the name of agitation and purity.

    • feline on August 11, 2008 at 11:11 pm

    for the front page Sheehan Dharmathon.

    I contributed $25 – I plan on giving more between now and November.

    Since you are from the SF Bay Area, I trust your assessment of Cindy’s chances of  unseating Pelosi (as disheartening as it is).  But, I will try to keep Sheehan in this race to apply leverage to Pelosi; and I plan on trying to increase Cindy’s odds by discussing this issue as much as possible.

    Thank you, again!

  5. It’s ‘CHTULHU”…. got it?

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