Republican Congressman Attacks 14 year old blogger

That’s right. Yesterday at a debate between Rep. Virgil Goode of Virgina’s 5th district and his Democratic challenger Tom Perriello Goode said this

“And they want me out of Congress, the liberal Democrats want me out. And they want me out because I’m a conservative voice, if we can silence that person that’s exactly what we want, we want more mushers up here  in Congress that won’t speak out and stand out. They want a Obamajority in this country, Tom is on the Obamajority list for the US House of Representatives, they want to get him in there because they know he is going to be voting with them. They want to control the White House, 60 votes in the US Senate and a strong majority in the US House of Representatives.”

Goode is famous for using bogeymen to scare people, he attacked Rep. Keith Ellison for being a Muslim and repeated tall tales about China that even Dick Cheney said were false.

Now he’s found a new bogeymen. He’s attacking the Obamajority, an ActBlue page started by a 14 year old blogger–me.

That’s right, back in March I started an ActBlue page, “The New Obamajority”. After asking for suggestions I added Tom Perriello to the page. Apparently the 587 dollars we raised from 12 donors over the internet terrified Goode so much that he decided to attack a internet fundraising page in his closing remarks at a key debate in his race.

That internet fundraising page is even more terrifying to Goode because it was started by me, a 14 year old blogger with close to no political experience before two years ago. I’m trembling in my boots!

Personally I don’t think 587 bucks is anything to be scared about. If I were Goode I would be more worried about the fact that he’s getting outraised by Perriello. But I say we give him something to really be scared about.

I’m setting a goal of getting to 50 donors for Perriello on the Obamajority page to send Goode packing.

Donate to Tom Perriello

Goode doesn’t seem to like “mushers” which is odd because it is the name of people who race dogs similar to dogsled racing, I guess Goode has a problem with mushing, maybe if we retire him he’ll have enough free time to try out mushing and maybe he’ll learn to love it.

Goode for Musher! Donate now.

It’s also a good excuse to donate to a terrific progressive candidate who will help build a Obamajority and will fight for our values. He helped develop the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq, helped found the people powered group and is a strong believer in conviction politics.  

Donate for People-Powered Conviction Politics

Also, Goode came close to breaking a secret I’ve been keeping. Tom will not be voting with “them” as Goode said, he will be personally calling me up before each vote and asking me how to vote. In fact, he got me a slick new phone for that purpose.

Let me assure you of this, Tom will march lock step with the powerful Teenage Blogger Caucus!  

Donate to Tom

We’ve got a goal, we’ve got a teenage blogger attacking congressmen, we’ve got a terrific candidate to replace him.

Now time for action! It’s time to make a difference and let’s do it. Let’s use the super-powerful Obamajority internet fundraising page to elect Tom Perriello and say “Goodbye” to Virgil Goode. We can use the series of tubes to make a difference!

Send a donation through the series of tubes!



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  1. of you a lot lately. Will do as far as giving to get the truly nasty Goode gone. ‘The Powerful Teenage Caucus’ is one I wish my teenage granddaughters would join. While canvasing in the primary for Obama I got paired with a 12 year old boy/man I learned a lot. Us so called elders need you young un’s, the smart ones, to quell our cynicism and get a grip. Keep in touch your an inspiration.        

  2. He lies that Obama’s going to have anti-poverty programs in foreign countries. He makes shit up that fits his racist agenda.

  3. …Teenage Blogger Caucus!  Love it!

  4. I’ve been missing you around here.

    Oh, and amazing work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You don’t expect a pansy like Goode to pick on someone his own size/age, do you?

    It is (oh so much) fun to watch the conservative implosion over the coming election. They know they’re going to be destroyed in November so  they resort to this kind of lowest common denominator scare tactic.

    Enter Dr. Corsi and the newest Swift-Book, right on schedule, exactly 4 years after the last one.

    When you have nothing to campaign on except for the nightmare results of the last Republican administration, you have to go with what has worked before. Play the fear card.

  6. wOw! i had no idea.

    you’re pretty powerful for 14.


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