Pony Dragin Party


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    • RiaD on August 15, 2008 at 2:54 am

    I must’ve dreamed a thousand dreams

    Been haunted by a million screams

    But I can hear the marching feet

    They’re moving into the street.

    Now did you read the news today

    They say the dangers gone away

    But I can see the fires still alight

    There burning into the night.

    There’s too many men

    Too many people

    Making too many problems

    And not much love to go round

    Cant you see

    This is a land of confusion.

    This is the world we live in

    And these are the hands we’re given

    Use them and lets start trying

    To make it a place worth living in.

  1. Beware of dragons

    For you are crunchy

    And tasty with ketchup

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