Palin Paid $150 to Murder Wolves

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Defenders of Wildlife Asks Judge to Shut Down Palin’s Wolf Bounty Program

“The Governor is overstepping her legal authority by offering cash payments for each wolf killed by aerial gunners,” stated Tom Banks, Defenders of Wildlife’s Alaska Associate. “That’s a bounty by anyone’s standards regardless of what they call it.”

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Palin is pro life (last link from Sarah Palin: Dominionist Stalking Horse).


So pro life, if a hunter brought in the left foreleg of a wolf they shot, the state would pay them $150.

Hoping to boost the number of wolves killed this year by permitees, Palin announced the state would pay $150 for each kill. According to an Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) news release, the bounty was instituted to “motivate permittees to redouble their efforts and to help offset the high cost of aviation fuel, ADF&G will offer cash payments to those who return biological specimens to the department.” The state’s press release, issued last Wednesday, indicates that “Permittees will be paid $150 when they bring in the left forelegs of wolves taken from any of several designated control areas.”

But as long as she has her fur coat, which they don’t make from those forelegs.


They just use the heads, the main bodies, and the tails. I guess it’s alright with her, but it’s not alright with me.

“Governor Palin needs to take a close look at wildlife management practice in her state and restore the use of sound science,” concludes Banks. “She said would heed the will of the public, but it’s increasingly clear she’s only listening to that segment that is willing to sacrifice Alaska’s natural heritage for the benefit of a few.”

I am of the strong opinion that the way someone treats animals is how they human beings and that in fact, animals have emotions. I remember hearing about that being talked about in a researched format, but I can see that for myself. I can also see for myself, the utter hypocrisy of pro – lifers like Palin, which are really pro – death when it meets their ends. Barring the necessary thesis that could be written on that last sentence; I’m stopping now before I say something I’ll regret. Like, how many symbolic skins would she wear if she were in the second highest office in the land?  It was clear, in March of 2007, that she was “willing to sacrifice Alaska’s natural heritage for the benefit of a few.” That’s
partly why McCain, the Indian Agent, chose her in my opinion.


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  1. Thanks for putting it up.

    Shooting wolves from a plane is a complete disgrace.  And rewarding it?  I cannot find the word.

  2. The folk in the bush (away from the highway system) didn’t think it was right to shoot wolves from planes at all. It was the non-native hunters in Anchorage and Fairbanks that were promoting the idea; they were irate that the wolves were killing THEIR moose and caribou, and the hunters wouldn’t get to go kill the trophy head that they always wanted. If you care for irony, the Alaska RR between Anchorage and Fairbanks killed some where around 2-3 times the number of moose each year than the  wolves were responsible for. The moose would use the easy path of the RR tracks as their path, train comes along at 40-45 mph, no more moose.

    If I remember correctly over 50% of game animals killed were killed just for the head on the wall, the meat was left to rot in the bush. Actually the meat fed scavengers, but you get my point. It got so bad there was legislation passed and signed requiring a certain % of the animal must be brought in from the field.

    The great red neck hunter hypocrisy. It made me sick to the stomach then, and it still does.

  3. I would hope that the NRDC and the National Wildlife Refuge people are aware of this — I’m sure they probably are.

    Another tale of our gruesome treatment of wildlife.  Like a game of sport.  Sickening!

    Thank you for making us aware of these facts!

  4. …the sort of critique of Palin we need to see.

    The more I read about her and watch her, the more worried I get.  She’s a mediagenic Huckabee; she’s not stupid; and for gen X/Y edge person from the small town west (which I am) she’s the first person of our approximate class and background to be considered for the halls of national power.  Obama is great, but he’s still a member of the midwest establishment.  Palin, at least on paper, is one of us, in the sense my friends mean it; if it weren’t for the fact she’s a bonafide rightwing nut, I would be absolutely thrilled to see her have a shot.

    But for anyone from the west, who has watched the property rights fundies in action…she’s instantly identifiable.  Our task — and it’s really, genuinely daunting — is to describe that sort of zealotry to the rest of the country, in just a few months.  These folks support resource extraction as an infinitely sustainable way of life, and they don’t like to think too hard about…anything.  

    • dkmich on August 31, 2008 at 22:00

    when people pick on animals and little kids.  MI is reintroducing wolves to its upper peninsula.  A little fuss about them but not much – thank god.  I heard stories that some have migrated across the ice to the lower.  If MI were to have a problem, it would be with coyotes.  MI does not offer bounty on anything but rats, crows, and starlings.  Yeah, Sarah Palin has got to go.    

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