On The Nature Of Consciousness – 2: It’s ALL Your Responsibilility

Samadhi and the God-laugh of creation

         I found myself one night sitting back with my eyes closed and witnessing what I could never truly describe but what I can best suggest as the dynamic, uncreated, convulsing, primordial energy of the universe; the fiery, orgiastic rippling cauldron of molten prima materia, cascading about within me, and then pouring out into the world as form; and it was upon opening my eyes that I recognized what I had never conceived as plausible- that I was carrying within myself this living, undulating, cosmic clay which I was projecting out and thus manufacturing the world; which is to say, I knew then that …I was God, and that we are all God, effortlessly producing a world yet without a clue of how we are doing it. I was making everything that night. The whole thing. That is, I was making the world, but not the I who the world thought I was, not even the nobody who I was, but the I which lives before the me in all of us; the original self, casting out the glowing, red, swirling energy of creation, out of the core, out of the mind of God, out into the realm of form, figure, and content.

         And let me tell you I was laughing. I was laughing a laugh I had never laughed before in my life. I was laughing God’s laugh- the God-laugh which has never known care, nor worry, nor entrapment; the God-laugh which sprays out the universe from the immanent, infinite, incomprehensible bliss of formless consciousness; the great, emancipating God-laugh of hilarious nonexpectation, disbelief, and ambitionless wonder at the impossibility and unavoidable realization that I, God, was creating the miracle of creation.

         I had come to exist in the non-existent space. An infinite bridge across a finite chasm. A flame within an inferno. A drop inside the storm.

         I was in the storm. I was the storm. And everything else sped up and catapulted through the living stasis of my soul. It was an exhilarating, innocent act of creation; I gave ground in the hollow of my wonder and the world grew through that infinite hole. The unworldly, horrible stillness in which I basked seemed impossibly to produce the song of everything else. How is that possible I haven’t a clue. Not one.

         I can only presume that the whole shmeer about becoming what you are, or what you could be- but as yet you never have been- eventually comes right back to where it started- to you. But when it gets there- and let me tell you it gets there, with all the fire and brimstone of your day- there is no ‘you’ left to conceive of it. Because, instead, you conceive it, immaculately conceive it.

         That night the prisoner and the warden had changed places. Good and Evil fused into one. And God leapt up for joy inside of me.

         The primitive understandings which had so embalmed me all my terrible and fabulous life instantly vaporized away, and the Creator’s eyes …looked through me. The pulsing, primal, fluid medium flowed out of me, I did not know what I was making, nor how I was doing it, but to be sure it was me.

         When finally you encounter the Great Soul, you will not hesitate to call it I. You are the source of all things. All of it. Like the root-stock of a great underground rhizome, when you stick your head finally out of the ether, whoever is around you …is you.

from IN AND OF, by Jack Haas


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    • Edger on August 10, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    …there’s one right in front of you. Just look in a mirror.

  1. … is not as easy as it sounds, though it is indeed a very simple thing to do.

    I have struggled with this for many years and I count it an absolute cause for celebration if I can even squint in the mirror for a brief moment.

    Don’t want to generalize from my individual experience, though, there may be folks here who can look wide eyed in the mirror for as long as they need to, I have no way of knowing that.

    For me, though, this kind of spiritual realization takes a lot of hard work.

    • Diane G on August 10, 2008 at 6:50 pm

    I came upon a child of god

    He was walking along the road

    And I asked him, where are you going

    And this he told me

    I’m going on down to yasgurs farm

    I’m going to join in a rock n roll band

    I’m going to camp out on the land

    I’m going to try an get my soul free

    We are stardust

    We are golden

    And we’ve got to get ourselves

    Back to the garden

    Then can I walk beside you

    I have come here to lose the smog

    And I feel to be a cog in something turning

    Well maybe it is just the time of year

    Or maybe its the time of man

    I don’t know who I am

    But you know life is for learning

    We are stardust

    We are golden

    And we’ve got to get ourselves

    Back to the garden

    By the time we got to woodstock

    We were half a million strong

    And everywhere there was song and celebration

    And I dreamed I saw the bombers

    Riding shotgun in the sky

    And they were turning into butterflies

    Above our nation

    We are stardust

    Billion year old carbon

    We are golden

    Caught in the devils bargain

    And we’ve got to get ourselves

    Back to the garden

    • Edger on August 10, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    at your own head what happens?

    The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

  2. I take full responsibility, well, full responsibility  for everything but headcheese…..whoever the hell  dreamed that up is on his/her own!

  3. picture has a calico…..

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