I am grumpy and going to rant, deal with it! If you are in the mood for something uplifting or fun, this is not the essay for you!

I don’t like humans much. Sure individuals like YOU are fine and generally fairly inoffensive, but as a species they have little to recommend them. Some decent art, though the best of it is still just a pale imitation of nature. Those few of us who actually think and communicate well are often inspiring and almost worth making the effort to get out of bed for, though thanks to the net you don’t even have to do that. So there is another good thing on the ledger, Al Gore creating the internet. Plus…. there is some great take out food out there, particularly in the “Mexican” genre. But other than that what are they good for? Oh yeah, sex is good too. So that is a few things that save us from being irredeemably worthless.

But as organisms who are allegedly capable of thought,  we have a loooooooong way to go. And a short time to get there. As I look around at my fellow humans, it often takes all of my willpower not to despair or just start yelling at them!

Sure, we can blame the pace of development due to the exploding population for the lack of an intelligent approach to living on a planet with limited resources. But that is more an excuse than exculpatory. We have the information we need and have had it for decades. Despite all of the efforts by the PTB to quash it, we now have the technologies that we need either in hand or within easy reach. And we certainly have the evidence we need that the conditions to support human life on our little oasis of a planet are deteriorating at an alarming rate. So alarming, in fact, that those humans who have been ‘blessed’ with ignorance and the nearly unlimited human capacity for denial have succeeded (once again) in halting or slowing the efforts of those who have the capacity of thought necessary to save the planet for their children and grandchildren because they are fearful, superstitious, gullible and unwilling to face the fact that the lifestyle they value above all else is unsustainable and in fact a form of slow suicide for our entire species.

There is a scientific term that describes this lack of adaptability to new information perfectly: extinct.


Adaptability is what wins the evolutionary race, and the losers don’t get a sliver medal, they get dead. So…..a certain amount of despair is certainly warranted as we look around at our fellow humans here at the beginning of the 21st….and possibly last, century of human syphilization. What are the prospects for human adaptation to the information that we have only a few decades left to fairly radically change our way of life…or perish as an organized world society. What are the indications that we are treating this information as more than another “issue” on the teevee, rather than as the stark life or death reality that is staring at us from the abyss? Not much. Certainly not in America, certainly not in an America ruled by Neandro-cons, fundies and rapaciously short sighted corporate entities that have the power to change the culture and technology of human life to something sustainable but instead…..don’t, because it won’t look good on the next quarters all important spread sheet.

It just doesn’t speak well of humans in general.

On the plus side, there are a relative handful of folks who are working their asses off to change things, little by little, step by step, which is all the denial and entropy that humans are so bloody good at will allow. And as the evidence mounts and mounts and mounts that this is not some distant catastrophe that we can whistle past, but something that we need to acknowledge, accept, and deal with in our hearts and minds we do see some changes in human behavior. Though of course, while you are changing your light bulbs and inflating your tires, they are still blowing up mountains to get at the coal in them and there are 30 or so coal fired power plants in planning or nearly online, just in the US, let alone China and the rest of the world, oil use is still rising, not falling, and the conventional energy companies have morphed (due to cooperation with a certain Imperial administration) into what amounts to the most powerful entities on the planet. Entities that are more than willing to use force, political corruption and well researched and effective as hell propaganda to keep the status quo so that they can continue to loot the planet for and fill their greedy pockets with….soon to be useless…cash.

There are a small group of men on this planet who are stopping the change and progress that it is imperative for the human race to undertake in our approach to nearly every facet of human life, who are not just slowing or stopping technological changes, but are informing and retarding the MENTAL and emotional approach that we need to embrace at this point in human history, if human history as we know it is to continue to exist. An alarmist statement to be sure, but as the evidence mounts for the imminence of catastrophic Climate Crisis, an accurate one.

These men are aided and abetted by what are in evolutionary terms, the bottom feeders as far as the adaptive process is concerned, those who deny reality, which right now consists of a huge number of Americans. Americans who unless their willful ignorance and denial are overcome are, in effect, sentencing every inhabitant of the planet to at least a dystopian future, and quite possibly billions of humans to an early death. And all we can do is try to educate them and somehow jar them into reality, before some disastrous, massive, life consuming events do. Educate them until they too, start to resist the plans and propaganda of the forces that are destroying our oceans and atmosphere at an ever increasing rate and begin to demand from ourselves and our leaders a truly sustainable culture, society and future. And then make the sacrifices in ‘lifestyle’ that will be needed to achieve that future.

Yeah, I don’t like humans much….but I don’t want to see billions of them die either.


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    I sure hope so!

    • Edger on August 23, 2008 at 20:31
  2. We have the energy and resources to create the new lifestyle/civilization needed to save our world. Those in power oppose this new way of living……

    It is up to the people to see to it that it hapens.

  3. what will you be like in the middle of an upstate New York winter?

    I am not much of a peoplist either. I like the theory of people. I am trying to gage how I will do without hot running water and electricity when things fall apart.

    Only a week without power in Memphis after a storm made me a bit cranky.

    This won’t help the universe much but you should get a dog. Rubbing dog bellies is a very zen experience.

  4. the Burrito Carne Asada.

    • TheRef on August 24, 2008 at 02:13

    had you always planned to stop at your navel?

    • RUKind on August 24, 2008 at 07:21

    Some of us have performed our own upgrades. Blogs like this are Open Source resources for feature, performance and memeory upgrades. That was no misspell; that’s a new word (maybe).

    BTW, politics will NEVER solve our current problems. We’re on our own.

  5. I decided to do my part and signed up as a canvaser for CLCV – California League of Conservation Voters. They raise money grass roots style to get politicians elected to California seats that are pro-climate change. Sounds Good? Yeah?

    My one day of canvassing was one of the most dispiriting I have ever experienced….and that is not an understatement.

    Here are the highlights:

    For the most part people opened their doors and were more than willing to listen. Unfortunately they had nothing to listen to. The canvasser (one of their best) had the script down to a tee and, as she told me, no deviating is allowed.

    Knock Knock. Whose there? Hi I am x from the California League of Conservation Voters. We are trying to save the planet from George Bush. (you know this is the basest form of selling I can think of – akin to GOP scare tactics

    When the door opens. X hands over a clipboard with a one sentence mission statement on it so unmemorable I cannot remember it and then immediately says

    WE are out here today getting people to sign up and help us work toward climate change and we are asking for donations in  the form of a cheque, cash or credit card. It costs 300 dollars a day to run our operation from Oakland so if you could give have today that would be great.

    At this point about 10% of the people who opened their doors are still standing there and it is my guess it is strictly out of guilt.

    As they are reading the non-statement she launches into the real story of CLCV – which is a GREAT ONE. Its about where the money goes. I stated it up front. Of the remaining 10% – most give.

    It is getting dark now and clearly people are having dinner. Still she continues with the same spiel. People are getting really nasty now and either screaming for her to go away and never ever come back or slamming the door in her face. She is undaunted. She turns and sees a group of people about to sit down to a dinner party. I see the two girls standing over candles and immediately know it is a Sabbath Dinner. I beg her to leave them alone. Instead she inerupts them mid-prayer. They were too polite to throw a glass of wine in her face – I would have.

    So I say, you know x – you are invoking some rather  negative energy here – its called not respecting people’s right to privacy. Is it worth it for 40 dollars? Yes she says. Well it isn’t to me so I will sit by your car until quitting time – 9pm and by the way I will  not be returning to CLCV ever again.

    Sorry so long but in the spirit of your mood which I share in spades today I had to get this out of me.

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