Life Under President McCain

What if….

The unthinkable happens and the unstable John McCain somehow is elected President? How would things change? What kind of world would we have? What would life be like? I know, I know, asking you to imagine that is like asking you to imagine having never ending dental surgery with no anesthetic, my very soul cringes at the thought, but hey, it IS a possibility we face. It is up to all of us to do our part to insure it doesn’t happen, and just in case you are thinking of sitting this one out in disgust or using your vote to protest one of the many outrages perpetrated upon us by our current diseased political system, I want to take us down that road, for motivational and precautionary purposes.

Let’s start our nightmare journey with this thought, if McCain does win, it will be because he was able to sell his Maverick image, separate himself just enough from his old and new Republican and Rovian masters and convince the American voter….


….that he does NOT represent a third Bush term and more of the rampant Republicanism that has screwed up the world to the sorry state it is now. That means that the Democratic Congress will feel even MORE pressure to work with (for) the Republicans…as they will be even MORE afraid ‘to be seen as’ weak on terrur, or unpatriotic, or obstructionist, or however it is they justify their current collaborationist tendencies. If McCain is seen as representing some new paradigm to get elected, the Dems will feel the (false) need to play along…..even more. That means that they will allow more Republican legislation onto the floor, even though by all the indicators they will gain more seats in both the House and Senate. Here then, are some of the things we can look forward to.

More War. More lives and resources poured into Iraq in the quest for some symbolic victory…or perhaps the McCain administration will just go ahead and abandon all the talk of “winning”in iraq and just hunker down into a permanent occupation, which means a permanent insurgency and a permanent war. While the Oil Corporations busily go about stealing the Iraqis oil. Attacking Iran and destabilizing the Middle East ….and oil production to truly crisis levels. World War 3, The resource war, is quite possibly waiting right inside that voting booth.

An end to any kind of meaningful Green Revolution. Or more accurately, a purely cosmetic Green Revolution as PR for the McCain’s masters in the Oil Corps. Some of the scenarios to follow, but what we REALLY need is a change in consciousness to our whole approach to energy. A longshot under Obama, an impossibility under McCain.

Conservation is out, as we can see from the tire inflation crap.

Drilling the coasts and the enviro damage that will surely ensue.

More nuke plants with the failed Yucca Mtn depository going online to “safely” store nuclear waste for 10,000 years. Yeah, right.

New “clean coal” plants and more mountain top destruction and mine disasters.

More war.

Further weakening of Roe vs. Wade and other naaasty Social conservative programs. The continued embrace of the disastrous Abstinence Only policies. And considering how he reportedly treats his wife, someone with no respect for women as human beings at all.

More death and destruction…..iow, more war.

More NCLB and the destruction of the last remnants of our educational programs.

The accelerated destruction of the middle class through the continuation of Bush’s tax cuts….but cheer up, that means that there will be a couple of hundred new billionaires, and that more than makes up for millions more in poverty and former white collar workers starting exciting new careers as barristas!

More borrowing money and devaluation of the dollar to finance…you guessed it….more war.

More torture.

Even MORE war.

More and more Police State-ism, surveillance, stripping of Constitutional rights and freedoms and fascism under the continued Republican Reign of Terror.

And since he will have won using Rovian tactics the further and quite likely permanent reduction of politics to the Rovian level, since they will now be PROVEN to be the way to win elections.

These are just a few of the speculative highlights of life under McCain. Just as with Bush, the stark realities will likely be far worse than we sane people can bear to imagine.

Yeah, it is awfully tempting to do something….anything! …to try to change the system this cycle. But as much as my Inner radical is howling to do something to shake things up by not voting for Obama, the realist in me says that we have to take the first step to real change by stopping the slide into ignorance, aristocracy, totalitarianism and permanent war that a McCain presidency and the resulting Republicanist mindset will undoubtedly bring. Before we do anything truly constructive to change America and the world, we MUST work to destroy the destroyers.

Please feel free to add your own speculations on the coming McCain dystopia in the comments!

Oh! And did I mention…..more war?



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  2. Here’s some speculation, not that I’ve been thinking about it much –

    If McCain gets the presidency, then I fully expect that the “more and better Democrats” meme will be abandoned and that the schism between the Clintonites and those who backed Obama will be a full-out war.

    As for the country, the Democrats will be in control of both houses, but as the 110th Congress has clearly demonstrated, they are unable or unwilling to serve as a check to executive power and over-reach.

    Pelosi might hang onto the speakership, but her decision to not impeach will come back to haunt the Democrats immediately. I expect house then to swing back to Republican control in 2010.

    The nation will still be at war with the middle east and the environment. Likely we will have limited military engagements with the Russians through proxy states as well. The economy will be bad and the borders may be closed.

    Nuclear power plants will be built with disregard for the environment (as the U.S.-Mexico border fence. Drilling will happen in ANWR and there will be a massive selling of public forests and grasslands to service the national debt (and fund McCain’s wars).

    Social security will be privatized to “save Wall Street”. The majority will go along with this to protect their 401(k) and IRA investments. With more people retiring and selling off shares, an artificial demand needs to be created to suck up the over supply to keep prices inflated.

    More U.S. companies will be sold to overseas investors. The service economy will break down as people have less and less money to spend. I fully expect to see the suburbs to collapse.

    I expect left wing blogs also to wane with a McCain victory. The first implosion will be the Clintonites – “I told you so” campaign that will push out the others. The second will come from the McCain administration’s FCC shutting down the political activities.

    Life will get worse.

  3. …while I rush backsgtage to find Pollyanna!

    Oh, my aching heart!

    • robodd on August 20, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    it will be because this is a racist country.

    Obama is so much more qualified than this nut.  McCain’s campaign is a laughable collection of wink and nod racism. A McCain victory will set back race relations in the country for years.

    BTW, go take a look at this post at Dkos:

    Was McCain tortured?  Not by his own terms and not by the policy he now supports.  We cannot allow this guy to be elected.

    • Edger on August 20, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    violent revolution.

  4. If Bush doesn’t attack Iran, McCain will, triggering a regional war in the Middle East, which would escalate into a military confrontation with Russia, which would escalate into nuclear war.

    Pat Buchanan’s wrong most of the time, but he’s right about this: “McCain would make Cheney look like Ghandi.”

  5. … to vote Republican.

    I have finally seen teh light.


  6. its actually what we can’t predict during a McCain presidency that scares me the most.

    As bad as we knew Bush was going to be in 2000…we didn’t know things like 9/11, perpetual war in Iraq, and Katrina were all on the way. This last 8 years have been so far beyond my imagination of horrible that its hard to even begin to comprehend another 4 with “hair-trigger” McCain.


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