I had NO intentions of doing this at all — but McCain just pushed it way too far! (Update)

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This is my LTE to numerous newspapers, locally and nationally!

Mr. Out of Touch, McCain!

As of April 22, 2008,

” . . . .When George W. Bush took office in 2000, oil was $28 per barrel, the euro was $.87 on the dollar, gold was $274 per ounce, and the national debt was $5.9 trillion. Today, oil is a record $114 per barrel, the euro is nudging $1.60 on the dollar, gold is $945 per ounce, and the National Debt is $9 trillion. The country is presently engaged in a $2 trillion war in Iraq with no end in sight. The federal government has expanded over 30% under Bush. Wages for working people have stagnated, unemployment has risen, 47 million Americans are without health care, and the economy is slipping into recession. By every objective standard, the country is worse off today than when Bush first took office. . . . (source: “Message To Fed Chief Bernanke: ‘Enough With The Cuts, Already'” — Mike is a freelance writer living in Washington state.)

I made mention of the above so that there can be no question in the minds of Americans as to where this country is economically and on so many social issues concerning us all. And, of course, by this date, the situation has only worsened.

Sen. McCain seems entirely oblivious to so much that he is as frightening as Bush. He speaks of what seems, an endless war with Iraq and recently, we have learned of his ties to Georgia via Randy Schueneman, McCain’s foreign policy advisor, who was for a long time a registered lobbyist for Georgia.

He thinks our economy is strong!!! And, he said, publicly, that “anyone making $5 million a year is rich.” (He owns seven homes and, apparently, lost track of how many he owned, and was owing real estate taxes for four years on one of them.) $5 million a year? So, where does that put the rest of us? He truly believes that Americans who are losing their homes have acted/behaved irresponsibly. Of course, his world, apparently, does not comprehend job loss, lack of jobs, healthcare loss (if it’s even had), home loss and the REAL reasons for it.

He’s big for BIG OIL — he wants to get going on drilling offshore and in the pristine Arctic. The fact is, there is NO need to drill in any of those places. First of all, nothing would be realized until 2017, and, at best, represent, last minute “land grabs” by these lecherous oil companies. Secondly, and most importantly, these oil companies already have land, owned or leased upon which they can exploit. But, even more important is the fact that he adheres to oil as an energy, when we NEED to look to alternative energies, which ARE available. And he wants tax breaks for BIG OIL?

McCain is simply an extension of the arm of George W. Bush and Richard W. Cheney.

McCain is NOT and should not be a consideration in any respect — he will simply plunge us into a greater abyss!

The desparity between rich and poor over these past eight years has grown mega-fold — all you have to do is look at the reports. There is not much of a so-called middle-class left in this country, but Barack Obama does understand the need to boost the situation of the middle-class. Afterall, it has always been the middle-class in this country that has sustained the rich and the poor at the same time. He has definite plans for increasing the advantages of the middle-class working Americans. Obama wants change and WE can help him make change!

This country is at the lowest ebb of its history, with fascism staring us in the face — THINK, ACT and VOTE wisely! It concerns your life and mine!

Here is the link where YOU can go to and express yourself:  Speak Out

Spread the message, folks!  We cannot be sure that Obama will be better, but we are most assured that McCain will be worse, maybe, even worse than Bush!


Just discovered this, from an article by Paul Craig Roberts.* Are You Ready for Nuclear War?

. . . .If you desire to be poor, oppressed, and eventually vaporized in a nuclear war, vote Republican.

Not much left to be said after that!!!!

(BTW, a very worthwhile read!)

*Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page and Contributing Editor of National Review. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.  


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  1. We cannot be sure that Obama will be better, but we are most assured that McCain will be worse, maybe, even worse than Bush!

    I would only change that quote slightly:

    definitely worse than Bush!  (Although maybe not too much worse than Cheney, lol, sob.)

  2. please speak out LOUDLY!  

    Somehow, I do believe our voices count!  And, if not?  Well, we have spoken from our hearts and minds, which is ultimately important to each of us!  Hugs!

    • Edger on August 23, 2008 at 4:20 am

    McCain has only barely begun to push……………

  3. I hope you will use the “link” and add your comment — it is most crucial as concerns our future!  

    I truly don’t expect that we will have the “utopian” of all that we dream of — but, we MUST make it better!  As best we are able!  Beyond that, and that may come, we will NEED go do MORE!

  4. …bet you don’t get this kind of treatment by the TSA before you hop onto your private jet, do you?

    And may we see your Photo ID? (The picture IS worth 1,000 words).

    If anyone dares question him about his special treatment, of course, the response will be:  “noun, verb, POW”…

    • Valtin on August 25, 2008 at 12:05 am

    TB3. One way to look at things: this election may come down to which group is more passionate in fighting for what they believe.  

  5. for the upgrade  — just seen and noticed!

    Many thanks!

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