George Bush Has Won The War On Terror

I blog to you today from the great north woods near the Canadian border, using only the power of the sun. (And a phone line, but that does not sound as adventurous and romantic) To get here, with all of the various complications, I passed through four different TSA/Homeland Security checkpoints. While doing so, I watched my fellow residents of the Land of the Formerly Free and Home of the Once Brave cower and kowtow in the face of Authority. I watched little old ladies react in …terror… as they were challenged or singled out by  other former residents of that semi-mythical land, who presumably also possessed in the not so distant past the same fierce independence and  frontier spirit that is alleged to be the cornerstone of the American collective character. Those Americans, the TSA agents, in order to preserve or build their slice of the semi-mythical “American Lifestyle” that has now replaced thesemi-mythical independence and  frontier spirit as the raison d’etre for American exceptionalism, unwittingly terrorize their fellow Americans. The TSA agents, now more than ever, just need a job. Being just normal Americans and thus subject to the propagandized programming of fear foisted on them by the new myth makers in politics and the media…… do not realize that they are the modern counterparts of the guys in the old movies who stare you down in that efficient and effective Authoritarian mein as they hold out their hands and say in the bad guy accent du jour….”Your Papers, Please.” Nor do the traveling massses realize fully that they have just been subjected to  what amounts to a totalitarian tactic that is more designed to keep them cowed and submissive than actually “catching terrorists.”  This is just the most apparent example of how America has changed since 9/11, and almost all of those changes have been for one real purpose, to remind Americans to be afraid.

America and Americans have been terrorized.

By their government.

What is the purpose of terror?

To influence and control governments and populations into doing what you want them to do. The “terrorists” who attacked American skyscrapers wanted to draw America into some foolish and hysterical action that would weaken them. They succeeded. Because the terrorists who were in charge of responding to their actions, George Bush and Dick Cheney, saw an opportunity to advance their agenda of controlling the American population in ways that would  quash dissent as they implemented their political plans, moneymaking schemes, and bid to establish a permanent Republican majority. They succeeded too.

Hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars, trillions when it is all said and done, have been spent on a combination of terrorizing propaganda, aggressive warfare, militarizing domestic policing into what amounts an intimidatingly convincing if not actual police state, and just generally terrorizing the American populace.

As we look around us on the day after the anniversary of the most damning document in American history, The Presidential Daily Briefing of August 6, 2001 PDB and see how America has changed in so many ways, it is impossible to deny that the terrorists have won. Both of them. The “foreign” terrorists single attack almost seven full years ago, that ended up killing FAR fewer human beings than our homegrown Neo-con Republican terrorists response to them. AND our domestic terrorists, Bushco, who have started what amounts to a fear based economy, ratcheted up the power of the Military Industrial Congressional Complex to a fever pitch of profiteering….and totally transformed the American spirit from one of fearlessness in the face of adversity to a nation of cowed sheep that remove their shoes on command.

For no real reason…..

Except one. The anthrax attacks that signaled that 9/11 was not an isolated incident. That it was a real organized War Against America . Not just a case of the ‘terrorists’ planning for years, exploiting weaknesses that STILL EXIST, and getting incredibly damned lucky in carrying out NOT an actual organized war, but an isolated single act of  terror.  Which as it turns was “coincidentally” all that the tin pot totalitarians that had been selected by the Supreme Court to rule (not govern) the country needed to create the America that they had lusted after for years and decades. An America even more in thrall to an authoritarian aristocracy that profits and is sustained by not just the tax dollars of ordinary Americans, but by its fear based dependency on  and acquiescance to being ruled by the Powers That Be instead of  claiming and fighting for its birthright, a government of, by and for….We The People.

An America that could only exist through terrorism. An America whose spirit is crushed by fear.


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    For now


    • Robyn on August 7, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    We don’ need no steenkin’ peppers.

    • Edger on August 7, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    …fuck them.

    the terrists in the cheney/bush cabal, I mean

  2. … and I’m sorry to not be paying closer attention but when I read:

    …what amounts to a totalitarian tactic that is more designed to keep them cowed…


    …the face of adversity to a nation of cowed sheep…

    … the word “cowed” took me completely off topic.  The state fair starts today and that means the Butter Cow is back!

    600 pounds of creamy, yellow, delicious cow!  The pride is bringing a tear to my eye as we speak.  Has fear ruined our way of life?  Well, not enough to ruin our butter-sculpting ability.  

    • robodd on August 7, 2008 at 9:30 pm

    now where frequent fliers (i.e., the elite) can bypass the whole process for a fee?  Good to know we are all in this “war on terrorism” together.  How very post 9-11 Bushmerica.

    • Edger on August 7, 2008 at 9:58 pm

    gets depressing, just play some background music to level out the mood…

  3. as he licks his lips is proof that even he knows he’s just a shit in a suit.  Tasty, eh Georgie?

  4. The Illuminati is out to extract profits from the destruction of the American lifestyle.  Future American “freedom” looks like all the “freedom” any Chinese citizen has.

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