Failed Conservative Policies are Destroying America

Failed Conservative Policies.

There should not be one interview on national TV that does not include these words, and they are almost never spoken.  

We need to imprint this fact into the very fabric of America so that we can put an end to this slide to fuedalism that our country finds itself in.

America is not a ‘Conservative’ country.

Americans want:

  • Universal Health Care.
  • quality Public Education
  • consumer protections
  • a viable livelyhood
  • good roads
  • peace and prosperity
  • their privacy
  • personal freedoms
  • reliable electricity
  • clean energy
  • reliable information

All of these things that Americans want, and none of them can be called Conservative.  

Why then are we afraid to attack Conservatives and their Failed Conservative Policies?

I think that some people are afraid to alienate potential voters,”Wouldn’t want to do that, they won’t vote for us.”

I’ve got news for those people… Conservatives won’t vote for Democrats, period. Get over it, and start giving the majority of Americans some understanding of why Democrats are better. As long as we continue to let failed conservative policies go unchallenged, Americans will be wooed by the swan song of the corporate media and conservative fraudsters that dump this shit on exploited people that are not happy with their situation.

We need to fight the source of the problem instead of playing whack a mole on a hundred seemingly unrelated issues.

Failed Conservative Policies are destroying America

Plain and simple, and that’s a fact.

Are there any Conservative Policies that have not failed America?


Deregulation of airlines?

Billion dollar bailouts, reduced services, reduced number of flights; they’re failing.

Deregulation of the Finance industry?

Billion dollar bail outs, national insolvency, foreclosures, fraud; they’re failing.

Deregulation of Media?

No public responsibility, hack journalism, rising cost and reduced base packages, an assault on the internet; they’re failing.


Privatization of Military Services?

Creating a mercenary military and lucrative defense contracts have created a market for war that is being leveraged to the hilt in order to keep our nation afloat economically. War for Profit.

Voluntary Regulation:

Is there anybody that believes that multibillion dollar corporations are going to volunteer to surrender their profits for the good of Americans?

Free Trade:

NAFTA, GATT and WTO rules have destroyed our ability to make things and to protect ourselves and are in the process of destroying our ability to function as first world nation. We are being robbed of our ability to live as jobs are outsourced, offshored and wages are depressed due to a lack of respect for work. We are in a race to the bottom. Free Trade is nothing but newspeak for Cheap Labor.

Healthcare for Profit:

Healthcare for profit is extortion, plain and simple. Don’t have healthcare and get sick, you die – your children die. What would you pay to keep your kids alive?

50 million Americans have no access to healthcare.

Seriously, are there any Conservative Policies that have not failed America?

Why the hell are we not talking about this?

As I said before, Failed Conservative Policies should be a staple talking point in every single TV interview and stump speech.

We have got to beat down, once and for all, this idea that Conservative policies are at all good for America.

Please speak this next line aloud:

“Failed Conservative Policies are Destroying America.”

Now repeat it any time you hear Republican bullshit and then tell them how they are doing it.



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  1. those failed policies are neo-liberal policies.  The Dems are just as wedded to them as the Repugs.

    • k9disc on August 16, 2008 at 08:18

    this rhetoric.

  2. that describes economists who are basically neoconservative.  The U. of Chicago school of economic theory, in fact.

    Here’s a snippet from Paul Krugman, who actually understand this stuff, from 6 years ago:

    Here’s how the story looks to Latin Americans: Argentina, more than any other developing country, bought into the promises of U.S.-promoted ”neoliberalism” (that’s liberal as in free markets, not as in Ted Kennedy). Tariffs were slashed, state enterprises were privatized, multinational corporations were welcomed, and the peso was pegged to the dollar. Wall Street cheered, and money poured in; for a while, free-market economics seemed vindicated, and its advocates weren’t shy about claiming credit.

    Then things began to fall apart. It wasn’t surprising that the 1997 Asian financial crisis had repercussions in Latin America, and at first Argentina seemed less affected than its neighbors. But while Brazil bounced back, Argentina’s recession just went on and on.

    I could explain at length the causes of Argentina’s slump: it had more to do with monetary policy than with free markets. But Argentines, understandably, can’t be bothered with such fine distinctions — especially because Wall Street and Washington told them that free markets and hard money were inseparable.


    The ideology of neoliberal globalization has been on a roll since the early 1980s. It was not in fact a new idea in the history of the modern world-system, although it claimed to be one. It was rather the very old idea that the governments of the world should get out of the way of large, efficient enterprises in their efforts to prevail in the world market. The first policy implication was that governments, all governments, should permit these corporations freely to cross every frontier with their goods and their capital. The second policy implication was that the governments, all governments, should renounce any role as owners themselves of these productive enterprises, privatizing whatever they own. And the third policy implication was that governments, all governments, should minimize, if not eliminate, any and all kinds of social welfare transfer payments to their populations. This old idea had always been cyclically in fashion.

    • ANKOSS on August 16, 2008 at 16:29

    They want high-tech feudalism, not the Enlightenment thinking that underlies the Constitution. Their crazy Hobbesian vision of paradise is for feudal barons in business and politics to rule the new serfdom in a new world order dominated by propaganda manipulation and brute force. Until this dark dream is demonstrated to be unattainable, you can expect the neo-feudalists to use every means they have to bring down Democracy and Constitutional government in America.

  3. of traditional “left”/”right” American politics and embrace instead the realities of multi-national corporations and their influence over the past fifty years.

    Bilderburg Group, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome.

    Who exactly signed NAFTA and yes I did vote for Ross Perot.

    Right now the “conservatives” are the only ones to acknowledge the coming “super NAFTA” known as the North American Union.  Their voices however pale in comparison to the backlash against the last eight years of the Bush administration.  Such things are beyond “Rovian” brilliance in advancing the cause of global government.  Al Gore’s carbon trading scam is another example of this global governance advancement so both US political parties do in fact serve the same global corporate masters.

    Yes, I am non-partisan, I am with the anti-“Illuminati” people.  “New World Order”/ not, baby.

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