Denver: ATT thanks Blue Dogs Sun. Night. Picket

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The SF Chronicle reports on corporate lobbyists taking advantage of a loophole in rules preventing them from throwing lavish parties to “honor”House lawmakers, which exempts parties for groups of Members.

Prominent, a Sunday evening bash thrown by ATT for the “Blue Dogs” to thank them for the FISA amnesty.

Lobbyist parties for lawmakers bend rules

Congress, pledging to clean up Washington’s culture of corruption, approved a rule last year to end the practice of lobbyists or their clients throwing lavish events honoring lawmakers at the parties’ national conventions.

But the House ethics committee opened a huge loophole in the rule by issuing guidelines in December saying it was fine for lobbyists or their employers to throw parties for a group of House members – just not for a single lawmaker…

…AT&T is among the sponsors of a party celebrating the conservative House Blue Dog Democrats on Sunday night.

Perfect spot for the first appearance of my “STOP GOVERNMENT SPYING” banner.

Rocky Mountain News tells us when and where

“Blue Night in Denver” – Blue Dog Coalition

When: Sunday, Aug. 24, 8 p.m. to midnight

Where: Mile High Station, 2027 West Lower Colfax Ave., Denver,

Come join in, or report on, the fun.

Now on Facebook….

Tricky spot to reach, it’s under the Colfax viaduct, no direct access. Here’s their “find us” page.…


  1. … idea, Ben.

    The Blue Dogs have got to go.  And I agree with you about Obama — vote for him and then begin protesting at the inauguration.

    Great catch.

  2. Gosh i miss getting arrested!

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