Condi, Condi, Condi…………………..

You gotta get your ducks all in a row there before tooting those horns:

At a press conference she and Zebari said the negotiators were close to signing the deal but cautioned it had not yet been clinched.

Everyone says how intelligent you are, and after all you’re the Secretary of State with a whole department working for you, or are they being allowed to.

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on Thursday after a meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Baghdad that the agreement was concluded and that it would be discussed Friday by the Political Council for National Security.


“I was surprised when I heard about the meeting of the council,” said Hadi al-Ameri, lawmaker and a top Shiite leader from the powerful Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC), a key party of the ruling Iraqi government.

Could the surprise trip and the horn blowing have anything to do with trying to sell how great the ‘surge’ worked or is working?

If so you had better go back, as well as the talking heads controlling the talking points, and study up on the reasons for the policy known as ‘the surge’, and how it all came about and was sold, and let the Iraqi Government in on the Policy.

Seems they have different idea’s, like getting the occupiers the hell out, and continuing the ethnic cleansing we unleashed:

Iraq Takes Aim at Leaders of U.S.-Tied Sunni Groups

The Shiite-dominated government in Iraq is driving out many leaders of Sunni citizen patrols, the groups of former insurgents who joined the American payroll and have been a major pillar in the decline in violence around the nation.

It seems you’ve overlooked a few things of extreme importance in trying to make your boss look good, or more than boss.

While the crackdown appears to be focused on a relatively small number of leaders whom the Iraqi government considers the most dangerous, there are influential voices to dismantle the American backed movement entirely.

“The state cannot accept the Awakening,” said Sheik Jalaladeen al-Sagheer, a leading Shiite member of Parliament. “Their days are numbered.”

Looks like, while not being consulted on extremely important and highly touted meetings, the Iraqi Government leaders are forging ahead with their own agenda and it don’t look promising for your plans.

Although could this

Visiting Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Seniora and Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Wednesday agreed, among other things, on the export of Iraqi crude oil to Lebanon during talks in Baghdad.

be the wanted, by the cabal and friends, long awaited oil pipeline to Israel as well?

I really don’t think so, you see Israel has more than just egg on their faces,

However, the impression that Israel had helped bolster the Georgian military was one the Israeli Foreign Ministry was anxious to avoid. Last Saturday it reportedly recommended a freeze on the further supply of equipment and expertise to Georgia by Israeli defense contractors. (Israel doesn’t supply foreign militaries directly, but its private contractors must get Defense Ministry approval for such deals.) The Israelis decided to refrain from authorizing new defense contracts, although those currently in effect will be fulfilled. Israel stressed that the contracts are to provide equipment for defensive purposes. But if the Israelis were looking to downplay the significance of military ties, they weren’t helped by comments like Yakobashvili’s – or by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s enthusing at a press conference earlier this week that “the Israeli weapons have been very effective.”

and something tells me that Israel’s neighbors are going to be searching out more sophisticated weapons for their National Security arsenals and guess where they’ll be doing their shopping.

Though apparently Israel might have had a feeling for the near future

Israeli officials say that, in anticipation of a showdown between Georgia and Russia, Israel began to scale back the involvement of Israeli companies in Georgia as early as the end of 2007. Georgia’s Yakobashvili charged this week that Israel, “at Russia’s behest,” had downgraded military ties with Georgia, a decision he branded a “disgrace.”,

I don’t think you’re going to get what you think you are. What seems to be growing is the examples and proof of the extremely failed administration policies you’ve been a part of all along.

Iraq is still very unstable, Afghanistan is growing in danger, the border with Pakistan and Pakistan itself spiralling out of control.

The only thing you all are getting is the perpetual conflicts sought from the growth of the hatreds and the increased enemies, who not only despise the policies our representatives set forth but us as well.

Hell of a Strong National Defense you’ve all created, Worldwide!!


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    Sadrists Protest New US-Iraq Pullout Deal

  1. for a settlement in Georgia that Sarkozy brokered….whether true or not…it seems like something she would do since any success she could claim would be one that someone else had done….being that she has brokered so much success in the past….

    Thanks for posting this…great job as usual.

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