AIG refuses to pay off policy of veteran

Once again, Raw Story shows why it is quickly becoming my blog of choice for news.

In Charleston, WV, it is reported by the Charleston Gazette that AIG is refusing to pay off a $50,000 life insurance policy taken out by a veteran.

This just makes me sick and it should provoke a huge boycott of AIG.

You might think that the veteran in question died during combat.  You’d be wrong.  

The parents of an Iraq war veteran who died in his sleep in February while recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder have sued his insurance company after it refused to pay his life insurance.

You might think that the veteran had just taken out the policy and, thus, did not meet the criteria of having the policy for a certain amount of time.  You’d be wrong.

Because he was a smoker, White agreed to pay a higher premium, according to the lawsuit. For 14 1/2 months, he made his monthly payments.

So, if the policy was up to date, had been in effect long enough, why is AIG trying not to pay it?

“[AIG] said that had they known that Andrew White had a car accident when he was 16 years old, they never would have written the policy to begin with,” said Charleston attorney Jack Tinney, who represents the White family. “That’s ludicrous.”

You read it correctly.  If the company had known the veteran had been in a car accident when he was a teen, they wouldn’t have issued the policy, so, they shouldn’t have to pay off the policy.

And, to make this case worse — the family has lost two sons to this war now.

Andrew White joined the Marine Corps Reserve in July 2003, and served as a combat engineer, disarming “improvised explosive devices” and patrolling areas near Iraq’s border with Syria.

Shortly after he returned home in September 2005, his older brother, Bob, who was serving in the Army in Afghanistan, was killed when a rocket-propelled grenade hit the Humvee in which he was riding.

In the wake of his brother’s death, Andrew White took out a $50,000 policy with AIG, the lawsuit states.

Here is AIG’s website.

Contact AIG by email or phone Call M-F 6am-8pm ET | USA: 1-877-638-4244 Worldwide: +1-908-679-3150

Let’s get in touch with AIG and let them know this is fucked up, shall we?  I just did.

Anyone who blogs on other sites, feel free to reprint, repost, or do a story on this on your own… but lets get the word out about AIG.


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