I find it is getting harder and harder to connect with people on blogs and the internet in general.  For poetry it is a good quick way to get feedback on your words, but it still lacks the subtleties of glances, posture, scent…etc.  And I’m finding I need these things more and more right now as those are the things that stay with me…not words.

Part of it is my own inability to explain myself clearly which leads to misunderstandings and regrets.  Another part of it is time, for instance today I cleaned out the barn, had the well drilled and installed a new fence line so by the time I got on here I was pretty much toast.  

But when I find people with holier than thou attitudes comparing Obama to Bush on the front page I have to start wondering…


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  1. i love your poetry. so keep it coming please.

    yeah. bush and obama. forget the individuals. i think what those of us on that track are saying is that we have now observed continued alignment with BushCo policies from most of the politicians in Washington. and we’re not willing to buy it anymore. not even from the dem nominee.

    it isn’t obama per se. or hillary. it is the entire rotting stinking group of them.

    they all need to be de-powered. we need people from outside of the system.

    for me, i start wondering how many more moves do dems need to make before we realize they and the republicans are ONE mass.

  2. … your view is as important as anyone else’s.

    I put that particular essay on the FP.  I’m a sad member of the Democratic base and I will vote for Obama in November.  I think it’s important, though, to see what Obama is doing, especially when it comes to Iraq.

    I don’t agree with everything in that essay.  But I do think it had some good analysis and was a good catch as to what happened on Obama’s own website.

    We need everyone’s views, including yours.

    And I don’t really think the essay was equating Bush with Obama.  But if you do, then argue your point and I’ll listen.

    It’s good to have you here.  I love your poetry, and I love your thoughts as well.

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