The NFTT Shopping List For Care Packages!

That is, what we’ve got, what we’re waiting for, and what we can still use.

After the flip, I’m going to start with the list of things that we’re still waiting to get, followed by items that we’ve already purchased, and the things that have been promised but are still awaiting arrival.

And while I’m talking about purchasing, let me note that we’re still taking donations and currently have about $1,300 left in the bank awaiting our big shopping day on Friday.

Also, check the flipside for a special announcement, and the end of the diary for other ways you can help.

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The executive committee of NFTT has also decided that any funds left over after our shopping trip will be donated to kossack StormBear’s kickass charity, a 501c3 group that has spent the last five years shipping reading materials to soldiers in the field. If you haven’t read his story about this great charity, check out his diary from last week.

And now, on with the lists:


These are the items we hope you will donate (and bring with you to NN’08 by Thursday evening). We can also take UPS or Fed-Ex shipments through Monday, July 14th – email me at tim at timroff dot com if you want to use that option.

• Movie DVDs (less than 2 years old)

• Hotel toiletries from NN attendees (shampoo, lotion, soap)

• Stationery (paper, envelopes, pens or pencils)

• Puzzle books (e.g. sudoku, word find, crosswords)

• Hair care products for African-Americans (e.g. shea butter leave-in conditioners, oils, moisturizing shampoo, deep conditioning treatment)

• Individually packaged toothbrushes

• Travel-sized toothpaste

• Hypoallergenic body wash (small or medium-sized bottles)

• Colored pencils

• Small sketchbooks (remember box is only 12″ x 12″ x 5″)


These are items we’re planning to buy, but we’re waiting to see what gets donated by Thursday, 7/17, before we make our final shopping run on Friday, 7/18. Again, email me at tim at timroff dot com if you plan to ship anything.

• Beef Jerky

• Pistachios

• Microwave popcorn

• Gum

• Licorice

• Peanuts, almonds, or cashews

• ClifBar protein bars

• Raisins

• Toy stuffed bean bag lamb (to give to a child)

• Cotton underwear (men’s cotton briefs and women’s cotton bikini briefs)

• Facial tissues

• Disposable razors

• Body wash

• Baby powder

• Deodorant

• Purse packs of Q-tips


Each care package is guaranteed to contain each of the following (as we have already purchased these and they are in storage waiting to be packed):

• 1 550-minute long-distance calling card

• 2 pairs Mechanix gloves

• 1 Photon micro keychain LED flashlight + 1 set replacement batteries

• 1 pair gel boot replacement insoles

• 1 sand scarf

• 3-4 single-load boxes of laundry detergent

• 1 Chapstick

• Tampons & sanitary pads

• 1 bottle antifungal foot powder

• 8 powdered drink mix singles (4 Replenish sports drink + 4 Power Edge energy drink

• 5-6 instant tea mixes

• 1 pump bottle (11 oz) Kiss My Face Moisture Shave


This is a list of items that we have already taken possession of in Austin, and will bring to the Seminar on Saturday. Thanks again to all of the generous netrooters who donated all of these great items.

• 9 reflective tags

• 11 novelty patches (5 bat sh*t symbol; 6 “wingman”)

• Hotel toiletries (about 60 pieces; we’ll collect more at the NN convention)

• Moist wipes (2 boxes of 42 Kleenex wipes for hands/feet)

• Antibacterial moist wipes (4 packets of 10 wipes)

• Lip balm (Chapstick & Burt’s Bees tubes)

• Wet wipes (15-ct. packs)

• Purse packs (30-ct) of Q-tips

• 21 pairs women’s no-show socks (not boot or crew socks)

• Hard candy (25 pounds; enough for some in every box) (donated by Primrose Candy Company of Chicago)

• 36 granola bars

• 18 long sticks beef jerky

• 11 bags of nuts/seeds (snack-size bag)

• 30 paperback books (mysteries, novels)

• 3 hardback books (mystery, novels)

• 4 magazines (2 Outside, 2 Men’s Health)

• 4 movie DVDs (Juno, Bee Movie, Hairspray, 27 Dresses)

• 1 F14A model airplane kit

• Dice (2 sets of 5)

• Playing cards (4 decks)

• Letters

• Cards, letters, and drawings made by schoolchildren (52 pieces)


We’ve also been told by a few kind souls that the following items are either in transit or will be brought by attendees to the conference. Thanks in advance, and if you did make such a promise, please don’t forget us!

• Books (unknown number–will be a lot)

• Music CDs (hoping for around 200)

• 101 cool ties

• 48 pkgs of jerky

• 120 energy drink mix sachets

• 48 pkgs trail mix

• Lip balm (Carmex, 60 tubes)

• 24 toothbrushes

• 55 razors

• Flowery note pads (amount unknown)


We’ve made this appeal before, but I’ll make it again: We need volunteers who can give a few hours on Thursday or Friday to help sell shirts, take donations, or organize our stock. The more the merrier, but please, let us know when you can help in the comments. We’ll also need many many hands on Saturday, both in the morning after the opening session featuring Nancy Pelosi (I’m proud to say my question about subpoenas is currently #2 on the rec list at, and during our seminar (featuring Brandon Friedman and Eric Massa) from 2 to 4:30 PM.