“Seeds of Change”

This post was inspired by OPOL’s  Mitakuye Oyasin – All My Relations and pfiore8’s comment last night in notlightnessofbeing’s essay Wondering… that he posted in response to my own essay Change You Can Believe In… or Honestly, Would I Lie To You?, and by Robyn’s Muse In The Morning today.

Bruce Weaver an independent filmmaker journeys into the dream world to paint a picture of our future. “Seeds Of Change” is a message and a warning from those who have a vision of tomorrow. While seemingly bleek with honesty and truth of what we face it is time to face the reality of the situation. We are facing more than just a Global Warming crisis we are facing a crisis in consciousness. We are truly on the brink and the fruit of our seed is something that is needed more than ever from each and every one of us. We must rise to this occasion now. Our guest speakers include Dr. John Todd, Dr. Brian Natrrass and Dr. Peter Russell who help explain the situation we are in and some solutions to our problems. This tapestry of a visual graffatti art from the dreamworld intertwined with our speakers and a situmlating meditative audio track by reknowned shaman musician Byron Metcalf take us on a complelling journey that looks at our situation from many perspeictives including visionaries such as Chief Arvol Looking Horse and Jesse Wolf Hardin.

What kind of world are we creating?

We as a civilization and a race of human beings are teetering on the edge of the precipice. We must examine our lack of tolerance for others as well as what we are no longer willing to tolerate from those who do not wish to create a truly awakened world that all can live in harmony and peace. Are we so asleep that we do not see the writing on the wall. Just as human beings of differing race, color, and religious belief deserve each others respect, which at times requires “tolerance,” or the act of voluntarily choosing to regard others as ourselves, so-to the earth then, deserves the respect of human beings toward her. At the core of the disharmony we now see on the planet, evidenced by toxic waste being dumped in our water sources, a cocktail of chemical poisons in every breath of air we breath, chemical pesticides sprayed on our food sources, and global warming threatening the balance of the natural world; our home, is the fundamental error in thinking we human beings are separate from earth: Independent, and not interdependent. Its abundantly clear if one is paying attention at all, human beings have “missed the mark.” In our hubris we have forgotten the earth is our home, and even our mother, as most tribal cultures consider earth to be, and as such, we must repay our mothers with gratitude, respect, and honor for her gift of life

Tolerance as it is defined, tacitly implies the act of voluntarily choosing to accommodating, or “make room for,” the behavior, and/or actions of another which may be different, or in seeming opposition to our own. With this understanding of tolerance, we must also begin to ask ourselves what these images of our planet suffering, at war, and in ill health, reflect to us about ourselves? At what point will we no longer “tolerate” our actions that belie the truth of our interdependence with earth, one another, and all other organisms within our environment. How long will earth bear the burden of our actions, and how long will we go on acting as if we bear no burden?

We must be the change we want to see in the world.


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    • Edger on July 16, 2008 at 17:40

    And how many words have I got to say

    And how many times will it be this way

    With your arms around the future

    And your back up against the past

    You’re already falling its calling you

    On to face the music

    And the song that is coming through

    Youre already falling

    The one its calling is you

    Each and every heart it seems

    Is bounded by a world of dreams

    Each and every rising sun

    Is greeted by a lonely one

    Wont you tell me again

    Can you feel it

    The Voice:

  1. … description “crisis of consciousness.”  And I agree.

    Perhaps none of us are here, having this conversation, by accident.

    Just sayin’.

  2. by Cormac MacCarthy?

    • Robyn on July 16, 2008 at 19:09
  3. And it reminds me of this one.

  4. Vandana Shiva and came across this video which I think fits very well with your theme here.

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