US lawmakers apologize for slavery

US lawmakers Tuesday offered the federal government’s first formal apology for the “fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and inhumanity” of slavery and the legal segregation of African-Americans.

The resolution, passed in the House of Representatives by voice vote, “apologizes to African-Americans on behalf of the people of the United States, for the wrongs committed against them and their ancestors who suffered under slavery” formal segregation laws known as “Jim Crow.”

Lawmakers also said they were committed to rectifying “the lingering consequences” of slavery and segregation.

Well…that was quick!

House panel votes to find Rove in contempt

“It is regrettable that it has become necessary to pursue this course, but Mr. Rove has left us no option,” Chairman John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, said in noting that the committee has been trying for months to get Rove to appear under oath.

Cool! Now all Nancy has to do is…….D’OH! Lucy, put that football back!

For GOP, Stevens Indictment Is Latest in a String of Setbacks

Ted Stevens’s indictment yesterday could not have occurred at a more politically inopportune time for the senator from Alaska or for his fellow Republicans.



Although a spokesman said yesterday that the senator’s reelection campaign “is continuing to move full steam ahead,”


Senate Republicans had planned to spend the week hammering Democrats for not pushing energy legislation allowing for more domestic oil drilling. Yesterday, as Republicans assembled at their political headquarters for a talk about the campaign season ahead, they learned that their most senior colleague had been indicted on corruption charges related to energy executives.

emphasis ….by editor

Nothing like indictment to build steam in a campaign!

Sen. Boxer and other Democratic Senators Call for Resignation of EPA Head and Perjury Investigation   by TomP

Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer, Sheldon Whitehouse, Amy Klobuchar, and Frank Lautenberg today called for the resignation of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Stephen L. Johnson and asked the Attorney General to open a perjury investigation of him.

It looks like Johnson may have lied to Congress in his sworn testimony.  He claimed that the decision to deny California’s waiver request from the Clean Air Act to set tough standards on global warming pollution from motor vehicles was “mine and mine alone.”  Recent testimony, however, shows that Bush ordered it and Johnson may not have told the truth under oath.  The Senators asked Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey to investigate “apparent contradictions” between his sworn testimony and the testimony of other sworn witnesses.

I’m sure Mukasey will get right on that!

Editor’s note: Is it possible that as the political power and credibilty of Bushco and The Mighty Wurlitzer of the Right Wing propaganda machine wanes and the headlock of political intimidation that they have had America… and the truth…. in for the last eight years weakens, that the Democrats will start to find their spine and follow their conscience and, by god,  the Rule of Law?

Is the pendulum finally swinging back to the good old days of Democrats being almost mediocre and semi-competent?  Is it possible that they are not total fuckups?

Well….I do NOT feel the need to hold onto my hat on that one! But hey…. progress.

And that’s better than a lit cigar up yer nose any day.

Editors note 2: This video included solely for the chorus of the song therein…this publication does not endorse Coors beer, excessive fuel consumption or bad hairpieces.


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  1. But there ARE physics involved here!


  2. is the best legislator from Tennessee – maybe the only good one.

    It’s a shame he’s got competition from the back community in Memphis – his district – for re-election.

    • Edger on July 30, 2008 at 20:17

    The pace of change of the democrats is staggering.

    So is their direction.

    • robodd on July 30, 2008 at 20:59

    better if instead of just finding Rove (as they have found Harriet Miers and Josh Bolden to no effect) in contempt, they found him in inherent contempt, issued a warrant and jailed his ass in the Congressional basement.

  3. must be a big deal, because even the Fox News website has a story about.  A very short story though, skipping things like Rove being an employee of Fox.

    But they probably needed all the space possible for their current headline story Tiny Tree Shrew Is World’s Heaviest Drinker.

  4. that the Democrats will start to find their spine and follow their conscience

    ….you really ARE an optimist, huh…

    the catchiest 22 of all is that, regardless of party, POLITICIANS are the worst possible option for actually governing….yet theyre the only ones trying for the job…by definition….which is why we need to leap off the pendulum..sure, it swings ‘our way’ from time to time, but it cant ever go any further than the bounds of it’s length and point of attachment…or something like that…

    oh, and

    “Cynicism isn’t smarter, it’s only safer. There’s nothing fluffy about optimism.” ~Jewel Kilcher

  5. at his blog No Impact Man.

    Being optimistic, on the other hand, is the most radical political act there is.

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