Obamanation (a rant)

The seething shrieks have begun, as the koolaide kidz find the veil suddenly lifted off their hero; they suddenly become aware that the messiah’s new clothes are wired… wired with surveillance wires, wired with coathangers.

I hate to say “I told you so” but I fucking told you so!

Remember me? I said,

“POLITICIAN? Hello????”

Remember me not drinking the koolaide you tried to waterboard me with, force down my retching gagging throat?

His speeches were moving, ayep, but his stances were rhetorical devices to say…. well, nothing much.

He is tacking whichever way the wind blows, and this whole nation BLOWS (really blows, imnsho) RIGHT.

Kick your reverend to the curb for speaking truths about the state of the nation?


Back faith based initiatives, fuck separation of church and state?

Ayep and amen.

Spy on you with immunity, when retroactive immunity is actually inherently illegal?


Tell the christinazis that women are nothing but incubators, whose minds don’t matter?


Vote “present” on anything controversial?


Waver on NAFTA?


Stop talking about negotiating with Iran and start saber-rattling?

Damn straight, Sally.

You are shocked?

Did any of you read his voting record?


but, but, but better than mccain….

I hear you.

wait until he gets in office….

You mean the day he starts his campaign for the NEXT election? Righhhhhhhhhhht.

If you feel betrayed, you have only betrayed yourself by blind loyalty. Key Word? Blind.

You belittled, marginalized and ridiculed all of us who dared to tell you this was coming.

The abomination, er Obamantion, is the fucking sheep mentality that this country wallows in.

But no worries, you will soon see a baby boom of more sheep, after all, even your left-wing (read centrist opportunist) candidate just posited that we women must breed more.

My rage isn’t at the Politician being a Politician.

Its at dumb-fuck koolaid drinkers who never see the forest for the shiny new ebony tree. It may be prettier than the old pale shriveled one, but they grow in the same rancid soil: Politics.

Have a nice day.


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    • Diane G on July 5, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    after 3 days. Ughhhh.

    Had a rant ready, though.

    In other news, Jesse Helms is dead.

    So many graves, so little piss.

    Wow, I am not very pc today, but not showering for a few days can do that to a person.

  1. change.  hope.  audacity.  And he’s so dreamy….

    good rant.  Thanks.

    • robodd on July 5, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    I agree, but YIKES!

  2. Even though I didn’t vote for him in our primary, I had my fingers crossed that he’d do the right thing if he got the nomination.

    But what’s so infuriating to me is that what he was saying during the primaries and what he’s saying now is making my head spin. I mean, he’s changing his position and going conservative (or centrist or whatever) on major important issues!!! And the enablers are saying this is good, great, oh hell yeah, he’s just clarifying where he stands!

    Really, that’s what you call it? Okaaaaaay … and meanwhile anyone who questions all the “clarifying” gets accused of voting for McCain? Sorry, not buying it.  

  3. I’d appreciate a link to what you are referring to.

    Sorry for being uninformed, but that’s what made the picture and rant a bit confusing for me.

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