Not only American Soldiers are dying in Bush’s Wars

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We, as a nation have gone through one of the most ridiculous and ill-constructed “regimes” in world history when considering the Bush-Cheney Administration.

Their inability to do anything but invoke the Reverse Midas Touch to anything and everything they touch has to be one of the most incredulous stories in written history.  Their ability to come out smelling like roses in the media must also be one of the most incredulous stories in written history.  

Unfortunately, for those soldiers that have fought Bush’s wars, the smell of death permeates this story.  Their inability to have anything more on their side but a bunch of Profits-Above-ANYTHING Neo-Con’s and a group of Citizens that are not listened to by their Governments has been to their serious detriment.  A lack of necessary equipment, food, clean water and a goddamned PLAN has all come together to cause much more death and destruction for not only those soldiers from “our side”, but the civilians and families in the coutries that Bush determined were to be brought under control.  (See Oil, Natural Gas Pipelines and Profit).

It is not just American Soldiers dying in Bush’s wars.  Soldiers from other countries, who joined the with Bush on his quest for profit and retribution are dying as well.

Dead soldier Sean McCarthy’s body returns to Australia

From Melbourne Herald Sun:

THE family of special forces soldier Signaller Sean McCarthy, killed in Afghanistan last week, has greeted his body home to Australia.

A ramp ceremony and guard of honour greeted the arrival of the 25-year-old soldier’s casket at the RAAF base at Amberley, west of Brisbane, late this afternoon.

Waiting for the RAAF jet were his parents, David and Mary McCarthy, as well as a contingent of military chiefs, including Defence Force chief Angus Houston.

Signaller McCarthy, a member of the SAS since January 2007, died on patrol in southern Afghanistan on July 8 when an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated near his vehicle.

His funeral is expected to be held on Friday on the Gold Coast, where his family has lived after leaving New Zealand.

Defence Force Special Operations Commander Major General Tim McOwan said Signaller McCarthy’s death was a tragedy.

“He and fellow soldiers, signallers of his skill set are particularly critical to the modus operandi that we employ there,” he said following the ceremony.

“(He was) an incredibly skilled young man and (it is) a tragedy both for the family and also for his comrades and for our operations in that particular area.”

Yes, even those in other countries weep for their dead, Mr. Bush.  

Who will you weep for, Mr. Bush, other than your false pride and sickeningly impotent and cancerous legacy?


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    • brobin on July 15, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    I do.  You do.

    Our corporate world governments do not.

  1. ever make this right in what’s left of my lifetime?  I’m beginning to seriously wonder and worry about that….

    Sorry, but I just find myself at a loss for words.. hard to think straight when disgust and rage are surging inside.  Can’t get past the “Payback is going to be a bitch” thought.  

  2. and more wars for the earth’s most valuable resources. This is from an article by Toni Solo on ZNet

    … NATO’s presence in Afghanistan is part of the process of transforming its role from one of European defence into one of global intervention. It is hard to see that role as anything other than one of military enforcement not just of US imperialism but of Western Bloc imperialism of which corporate globalization is the commercial and economic engine via Free Trade Treaties with the United States and Economic Partnership Agreements with the European Union…

    … Another area where US and EU policy is in harmony is migration. Widespread rejection and condemnation greeted news that the European Parliament had approved the Return Directive, applying harsh Europe-wide rules to illegal immigrants. President Ignacio da Silva of Brazil remarked of the measure, “The cold wind of xenophobia is again bringing false solutions to the challenges of the economy and society.” In the US, steadily more restrictive measures are being applied to illegal immigrants across the country. Immigration policy there is symbolised by well-received proposals for a 2000 mile long anti-immigration barrier along the US border with Mexico.

    So while the rich countries that promote corporate globalization demand poorer countries give big multinational corporations greater market access on extremely advantageous investment terms, people in poorer countries are denied the chance to exploit one of the few valuable resources they have – their labour. Capital must be free to move wherever it likes. But its victims had better stay put. Here, class meets race. Middle-class and working-class people in rich countries resent poor immigrants desperate to improve their families’ lives back in countries out of whose ruthless exploitation the rich countries historically accrued their current advantage in the first place.

    It may well be time to start taking NATO’s role as an aspiring global enforcer of Western Bloc economic strategy more seriously. However true it may be to argue that it is still the United States government that makes the running, the US is less and less able to do so without the willing support of its allies. Their joint global military activity can well be interpreted as an effort to compensate for the growing discomfort they feel at the increasing power and influence of other countries like China and Russia, globally, and Iran and Venezuela regionally.

    Stay abreast. Please check out this article. There’s much more than the quote above.

    • brobin on July 16, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    That is a lot to think about, and the author does a very good job of laying out (her?) premise in a very believable fashion.

    I do hope many others read this.

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