Not An Essay

Just a video that’s got me hitting “Replay” and smiling and smiling and smiling. Feeling the warmth of love.


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    • srkp23 on July 1, 2008 at 23:52

    What’s better than love and friendship regardless of difference?  

    • Robyn on July 1, 2008 at 23:59

    But the video was excellent. 🙂

    People have a tendency to think animals have less cognitive ability than they do.  I guess it makes us feel better about ourselves somehow.

  1. That was so cute and loving. I do have one dog who seems to just not distinguish between humans, I think if I got replaced she wouldn’t notice but I think the other one would.

  2. Thanks, that just made my day (sob!)  

  3. Tears just started streaming and haven’t stopped yet!

    Both happy and sad!

    • brobin on July 2, 2008 at 00:44

    you after they leave at 12 weeks of age.

    Our cat’s are raised underfoot and given every chance to be social with many kisses and lots of personal time for each.

    We keep in touch with many of the families that have bought our cats.

    One such family called after two years and said that they had bought a new cat, a Bengal breed, that was dominating the Ragdoll.  They said the Ragdoll would not deal with people anymore, would only hide and barely ate and what could they do?

    Well….Ragdoll’s are sweet, loving, people cats.  They were bred for that and of course we explained that up front.  Adding a dominating breed like a Bengal wasn’t a good idea.

    They only live about 80 miles from us, so they asked if we could come over and maybe take the cat back, since it was no longer the sweet baby that it once was.  We said, “Of course!”

    When we arrived, we asked where the Ragdoll was.  In the bedroom, under the bed they said.

    We called it’s name and it came RUNNING!  Rubbing against our legs, climbing into our arms… After two years, having lived with us for only 12 weeks as a newborn!

    They were amazed!  (er, meee toooo)

    We told them simply that they had forsaken the “older” cat for the baby.  Did they want us to take the Ragdoll or did they want to become it’s friend again.  Did they want to work on it?

    They decided to keep the Ragdoll and work on it.  About 6 months later they gave the Bengal away.  The said the fact that that Ragdoll would remember how it was treated well by people it shouldn’t even know anymore just made them want to make sure it had everything it needed to be happy.  Which made them more happy than having a new kitten/cat.

    Made me cry.

    • Metta on July 2, 2008 at 04:00

    I hope he comes inside soon for a good rub!  That is simply amazing!  I guess a good cry was needed!  Open floodgates…..


    Wow, thanks for that.  What an amazing and beautiful creature.

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