Nadler Makes it Official: Politics Trumps Law in the USA

Rep. Jerrold Nadler,(NY) member of the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary, the committee whose Constitutional duty it is to bring impeachment charges against criminal presidents,  says it as baldly and plainly as it can be said:

The Bush Administration has committed War Crimes.The only thing stopping him from being impeached is politics.

War Crimes. The ultimate crimes. THE definitional worst thing you can do as a human being.

I ask you now to stop for a second, take a deep breath and really think about that.

Party politics and base political expediency is halting the trial of a War Criminal.

Not in some third world banana republic. Here. In America. Not because we can’t find him, or because their is not enough evidence…but because it is not politically advantageous.

The Democratic Party Leadership (Hoyer and Pelosi) is refusing to prosecute a War Criminal…..because of mere politics. The rule of a single man is being allowed to supplant the Rule of Law …because of politics. A War Criminal is not just walking free in plain sight, he is the President of the Land of the free and the Home of the brave. Because of politics….

….when did politics become more important than the law?

By what right do sworn Constitutional officers get to make the decision not to prosecute a War Criminal…ONLY because it is to their advantage?

We are through the looking glass.

Nadler says that when Obama is elected, he HOPES there will be prosecutions. I suppose that depends on if it is politically comfortable to prosecute War Criminals then.  

Just for perspective …..what if a group of politicians made these statements about some ordinary citizen…

We know he is a murderer, but it is not to our political advantage to prosecute him.

We know he is a rapist, but it is not to our political advantage to prosecute him.

We know he is a thief, but it is not to our political advantage to prosecute him.

That is what the Democratic leadership is saying…to the country and to the world.

We know our president is a War Criminal, but it is not to our political advantage to prosecute him.

So we won’t.

But MAYBE we will prosecute him…later…if it IS to our political advantage. Maybe.

If you are so inclined, you can e-mail the House Judiciary Committee your feelings on this political  matter.


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  2. just speechless!

    So, how about this:  Let’s get every single one of us to join

    in and  STRIKE ON SEPT. 11

    Oh, and be sure to tell everyone you know.. let’s make this

    really count!  We are not the only ones who are pissed off.

  3. that we “have them in our sights” for their next election cycle.  We will not forget, nor forgive them for their treachery regardless of “party affiliation”.  They will be defeated and (if at all possible) prosecuted!

  4. are the new “oversight.”

    We will never have justice, because laws are for Little People only.

    • Edger on July 16, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    “We’ve just had a change of power – it would distort the healing process”

    2009: “We need to focus on policy development – it would distract and distort”

    2010: “We need to implement new policies and develop new sets of laws – it would distort that process”

    2011: “It would be dragging up old wounds and be living in the past – it would distort moving forward”


    “It would distort the presidential campaign”

    Just WTF do you people expect from us anyway? We’ve got important committee meetings to attend to. The first thing we need to do is put a democrat back in the WH. That’s the most important thing, right?. Without power we can do nothing.

    Will you all please just vote and then fuck off?

  5. Noticed the lack of tags boss?

    It may seem just a pain in the ass, but without them the regular series will be hard to find, not just by us but by the Googlebots keeping score.

    Someone should bitch and moan about it.

  6. politically as congress is weighing in at 9% approval. The political aspects seem ass backward. Bush is, except for the ever present pig ignorant %, much despised. Why do they think this helps them politically. As someone who does grassroots I got to say that all stripes of the spectrum politically believe there is no difference, that they are all crooks.

    The  political fictions the Democrats are operating under are delusional. Maybe they know if it all comes out as in an impeachment they are screwed, as they have been empowering this crap for years. It’s political  extortion, as in we may be bad but if you don’t keep us in power then you’ll get the really bad dark guys the sadistic ones.

    In the end they  are right we have no choice. The really appalling part to me is they just keep giving the Bushies legitimacy by using the same story line, Security and fear. Everybody knows at this point what a sham this is. Were paying for it. They are all lawyers with guns who care not for the Law other then how to tweak it so that they keep the money and power in the criminals hands.            

    • Edger on July 16, 2008 at 9:04 pm

    don’t distort presidential campaigns.

    Gee! Learn something new every day!

  7. to cover their precious asses, no other reason.

    What the NSA has learned about every democratic member of Congress during the illegal wiretapping of their phones has them scared shitless.

    It’s not that they are afraid to impeach a President with a 25% approval rating, they are afraid of losing their own cushy congressional seat when the shit they’ve been caught doing comes out during the hearings.

    Covering your ass = Politics as usual.

  8. Frank Rich’s column discussed Mayer’s damning book about the bush administration’s descent into evil.  In Scott Horton’s interview of Mayer in

    Horton asked Mayer what she thought would be done about all the criminality of the bush administration, and here’s part of her response:

    “…I personally doubt there will be large-scale legal repercussions inside America for those who devised and implemented “The Program”…”

    “…Activists will be angry at me for saying this, but as someone who has covered politics in Washington, D.C., for two decades, I would be surprised if there is the political appetite for going after public servants who convinced themselves that they were acting in the best interests of the country, and had legal authority to do so.

    “An additional complicating factor is that key members of Congress sanctioned this program, so many of those who might ordinarily be counted on to lead the charge are themselves compromised…”

    Mayer added:

    “…Much will depend on who the next president and attorney general are, and how much pressure they feel…”

    But then she added this:  

    “…At the very least, as a journalist, I hope that the records are opened, and all the legal memos released (several crucial ones remain secret) so that the country can learn its own history here. My guess is that the real accountability for President Bush will be in the history books, not the court room…”

    As for me, I’m up for putting maximum unrelenting pressure on the “next president” for accountability, at the same time, not getting my hopes up…

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    After the recent SCOTUS decision concerning the 2nd Amendment and D.C.’s firearms laws, perhaps D.C. should consider revising their hunting regulations to reflect Idaho’s, especially those regarding “predatory animals”/varmints.

    Hey, I didn’t write the definitions but I can damn well read and comprehend them.

    • robodd on July 17, 2008 at 5:25 am

    What exactly do these folks think their jobs really are?  I would really like them to be asked that question.

    I can remind them:  they swore an oath to the Constitution, not to their future election or allegiances.

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