Lay Down Your Bets . . . and Other Thoughts

I’m betting that O wins by 10-15% points.  I think he carries all mountain and west states except UT, WY, ID.  Yes, I think he wins in AZ.  I think he’ll win at least half of the deep south states.  He will lose KY and MS.  The others are a toss up.  He’ll lose in Alaska.  BFD.  

Now that’s just horse racing.  My real point is:  no need to pander.  You’re going to win.

But I don’t think O is pandering.  I think we are seeing the real O at last.  And unless (as I suspect it will) the economy really takes a deep six, I suspect an O presidency will be extremely frustrating to progressives. And I doubt the “change” he will bring will be sufficient.

Just some thoughts for a Saturday morning.

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    • robodd on July 5, 2008 at 18:43

    This is just Obama.(period said aloud)

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