Invitation To Read: A Cultural Piece and an Ohio RICO Lawsuit

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I’d like to invite folks here at Docudharma to check out two key pieces now up at ePluribus Media, and to re-view and pass along the contents of one Open Thread.  Additionally, out of all the spectacular stuff that gets posted here, if there are a couple of items that are exclusive to Docudharma that you think deserve extra eyeballs, please post a small blurb over on ePluribus Media letting us and our readers know about it.

I don’t get over here as often as I’d like, and I hope to post more here more often, but in the meantime I hope we can build an “Online Information and Cultural Exchange” (OICE) program where we can alert each other of significant items that their readers might enjoy.  That said…please make the jump for the goodies…

Now up on the ePluribus Media Journal, is the first of eight letters from Beth Richardson that she’d written home while she was in Afghanistan as part of an exchange program as a university professor.

Here’s an excerpt:


Beth Richards writes from Herat, Afghanistan, where she was recently as part of an exchange program helping an Afghanistan University. Her letters provide more than a little glimpse of the culture.

As she reports in her first letter: “This afternoon I saw a woman in a burqa, on the back of a motorbike. Underneath she had on hot pink pants and stiletto heels…so there you go-a place of contrasts.”


On the ePluribus Media Community Site, Luaptifer posted a video and transcript concerning the Ohio 2004 Election RICO Lawsuit called Where the Ohio 2004 Election RICO Lawsuit is Going, Interview With Attorneys Arnebeck and Fitrakis.

There’s a really good chance that some interesting items are going to start shaking loose from this.

Finally, the Open Thread entitled Open Thread: Lessons of the Past — Invading Baghdad Edition has a simple, straightforward message following a short blast-from-the-past video that helps nail current Administration “planners” and their pundits for the lying liars that they are.  

Of course, you might like the one about the victory for anonymous bloggers or want to be aware of the implications behind the sharp rise in business bankruptcieshey, aren’t Republicans supposed to be good for business? — but those, and more, will hopefully catch your eyes after you’ve had a chance to digest the key pieces outlines above — the “Letters from Herat” and the Ohio RICO transcript.

…so, can anyone name a few key pieces they’d like to ensure that ePluribus Media readers are aware of? (I know you’ve got a bunch of ’em.)  If so, would someone be willing to write up a short blurb like I’ve done here and post it over on ePluribus Media?

We’re looking forward to your input, feedback and assistance spreading the news.  Thanks!


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