“In Their Boots”-Premiere-Episode 1- Video

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The first episode of the groundbreaking new live webcast “In Their Boots” aired on Wednesday, 2 July 2008, with host Jan Bender as he explored the lives of the Babin family as they care for their wounded veteran son Alan. That first show “Beating the Odds” was part 1, the second part to be aired next wednesday, 9 July 2008.

It is to air, online, every wednesday at 4pm Pacific/5 Mountain/6 Central/7 Eastern at In Their Boots, also can be viewed at UStream TV, at least it was this past wednesday.

The stories are riveting and the show will be broadcast LIVE. You will have the opportunity to hear the stories from these servicemembers, learn about organizations that are helping, and find out how you can help as well.

The above came from an annoucement E prior to that first show. And outside of some startup jitters and a few problems with the stream, Riveting it was, and promises to be as riveting by bringing us into the lives of those, and their families, who have served this Nation and have been wounded in the occupations and the changes that has brought about for them. As well as introduce us, and the many returning Veterans, and their families, to some of the help that exists for them by bringing representatives of these existing groups into the conversation, Live.

This is Part 1 “Beating the Odds”

You can also view The Brave New Foundation above video at the “In Their Boots” site, and sign up for the newsletter to remind you to view the coming shows, Part 2 of “Beating the Odds” to air this coming wednesday the 9th of July.

Since it is LIVE, we invite you all to join the discussion and become part of webcast history by asking our interview guest a question, live, “on the air.”

We are proud of what we have put together and we hope that you all tune in to see this. Please let us know what you think of it as well. And if you miss any part of the episode, be sure to check it out on our site: In Their Boots. We plan on producing a new episode every Wednesday, live at 4pm Pacific.

Again the show can also be seen, Live, at UStream TV but visit the “In Their Boots” main site to view, find out more about the episodes to come, interact live with each episode, and to find out much more.


  1. … difficult for me to watch, Jim.

    I have so much confusion.  I see a family helping a loved one through terrible injuries, the positive actions, the strength and determination.

    And I see how the mother, such a strong and loving woman, speaks of how the community helped her and how her family became closer.

    And then I hear her say she is proud of her country, both her and her husband have done military service, how Americans are good.

    And I have such trouble with two truths side by side battling in my spirit.  Because I’m not proud of my country, even as I have seen people from all walks of life and political philosophies come together and help each other, most especially I saw this in NYC after 9/11.

    And it’s not my place to tell this mother that the war her son was wounded in is an obscenity to me.

    And I think of the homeless vets and those who don’t have families to help them, of those who suffered at Walter Reed because there was no leadership and it was so corrupt.

    And I think of the Iraqi wounded and killed and how must the families of the wounded and killed feel.

    So it is a great confusion to me.  All of it.

    I am glad you posted this; I wanted to watch the video when it first aired but didn’t get a chance at the time.  It’s somehow appropriate to see this on July 4.

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