Grim………a personal essay

There is a rule in the blogosphere, if you post something, you better back it up.

In accordance with this rule, I am posting the following so that I will have to back it up.

A little update on the State Of The Me, for those who are interested.

I pride myself (always a mistake!) on being good at change…at being adaptable in a world that is changing at a nearly dizzying pace. But I do tend to get a little…tense….when I am going through big changes in my life. Especially when they mean that I cannot do exactly what I want! Though my current situation is very nice in many (non-blogging) ways, I cannot blog (for both ergonomic and access reasons) as much as I would like. Unlike in Mexico, there are also a bunch of other things…like other humans I have social obligations to (damn humans interfering with my blogging about humanity!) that have distracted me, that have made me blog less than I would like. When stuff like this happens, I can apparently, become a bit….grim.

It’s not like I exactly have to search around for things to be grim about, so this process is easily facilitated… existing in this world at this time. But I have settled in here for the mo, and gotten more comfy, (and am getting over getting sick for the first time in three years!) so I am feeling more like my old self, the guy who also prided himself (always a mistake!) on his sense of humor!

So………………………………………………………. since I am comfortable and lightening up a bit, of course this (under the Rules of Irony) naturally means that it will soon be time for more changes! In a couple of weeks I am headed to the backwoods and becoming an exclusively solar powered blogger, using, gasp….dial up! AND on the slightly antiquated (but incredibly generously provided) backup laptop that OTB is letting me use.


At least the ergonomics should be better, but I am nervous about the whole thing….and will possibly get grim again, sigh…at which point I am counting on you guys to say…

Shorter version of all that: Life, being alive, is change, and change is uncertain and scary!

Especially with uncertain technology!

I have been feeling guilty for not blogging more, especially leaving poor Abe and Iglesia stranded! I have been feeling guilty and dissatisfied about being ‘at a remove’ from this fine community, and so am trying to take this opportunity of temporarily increased comfort to reconnect on a bit more of a personal level with y’all. Before I (unfortunately) probably disconnect a bit after the next change, lol! Seeing you all working so hard to make the world a better place by putting your fine selves out there, and on to these pages, gives me hope and makes me a bit less grim, thank the Goddess! Thank you!

Ok, I don’t know how to end this! Hmmmm, maybe a nice grim video?


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    • brobin on July 12, 2008 at 22:52

    just let me know.

    I’ve grimmed a time or two due to circumstances beyond my (if I want to continue to bring in a paycheck) control, and often at those times I just needed a helping hand or three.

    A sugesstion for your new laptop and on-line situation:

    Don’t even log on.  It will make you grimmer than you are right now.  Dial up?  Egads, man!


  2. It does seem that a new(er) laptop might be in order… could we hold a fundraiser?  I’d be happy to give, if only for selfish reasons 😉  Cause the fact is.. it just isn’t the same here without you.  Dial up???  Been there, done that.. it sucks serious big time.  What to do, what to do….

  3. I doubt that there isn’t a one of us that hasn’t “been there” at one (or several) times, ourselves.

    If it’s a “forced” change, it’s a lot harder to accept, rather, than if it’s a change we have chosen because we wanted to, not because we had to.

    I don’t know where you found that buddha, but it’s priceless.

    Be better — soon!

    • kj on July 12, 2008 at 23:08


    • kj on July 12, 2008 at 23:10

    for a Budhy’s Laptopthon!!!      LOLOLOL  and yes, this is a serious comment.

  4. just one little letter and frowns turn to smiles and when grinning it is much easier to bear it all, and bare it all, even.

    Dial up will take some serious grinning and twiddling I’d imagine after being on the super highway, the autobahn of disco and youtube

    Glad to hear you are healing. I haven’t been around much either but thought I’d stop by and say Hola to you Buhdy and everybody. Besides, I read somewhere today that I’m a contributor here, so I figure I’d better damn well contribute something! hahahaha

  5. I’ll post Armando and Turkana retrospectives so we can be labeled an anti-Obama site.

  6. Hey everyone but Buhdy…

    A little birdie (Buhdy) told me his 50th birthday will be on August 29th – within days of DD’s first anniversary.

    Perhaps we could organize a new laptop as a birthday/anniversay present??????

    It could be a – you know – surprise???? LOL

  7. Despite your shocking confession of imperfection and blatant humanity I still adore you.

    I have been at bit absent myself because of family concerns. Humans would excellent to share the universe with if they didn’t have so many damn frailties!

    • Edger on July 13, 2008 at 07:11

    even miles away from everything, buhdy!

    You didn’t know??

  8. peace.

    Someone told me serenity is just relaxing the grim.

    Maybe he said “grin”…

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