Giraffes, and Camels and Bee’s…..Oh MY!

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The Wildlife is fighting back!

Due to global warming, high oil prices, food shortages, lack of clean drinking water, droughts across the planet and other various doomsday stuff, Mother Nature is on a rampage and may be coming to a town near you soon.

The whole thing started when a Giraffe and his Posse decided to make a break for freedom in Amsterdam.

From The Peoples Republic of CNN:

Giraffe gathers troops, leads great escape from circus

Fifteen camels, several llamas and a potbellied pig broke out of a circus near Amsterdam on Monday. The ringleader? A giraffe who bolted, too.

Police said the giraffe kicked open a fence and walked out.

“The other animals walked out with him,” said Amsterdam police spokesman Rob Van Der Veen.

The animals were part of a traveling circus that had set up its tents in the city of Amstelveen, six miles outside the Dutch capital.

They made their break about 5:45 a.m., wandering about a residential street and riling up a neighborhood dog, police said.

Officers and circus employees rounded them up before they could get too far and returned them to their pens.

What they didn’t tell you in this story is that the “Wild Thang Gang” almost made it to the shipyards and were planning on boarding a ship bound for Madagascar!  

Too bad it didn’t work.  That would have made quite a movie, someday…..

A whole ocean and another continent away, 12 Million BEES wrestled control away from the driver of a truck (quaintly described as a “lorry” by our friends in the UK) and crashed the truck in an attempt to gain their freedom from the evil beekeepers that had them under their control.  However, Mother Nature stepped in and kept the “Buzzy Bodies” under her thumb until the evil beekeepers rolled up in their evil beekeeper mobiles and forced them back into their hives.

From BBC News:

Motorists on Canada’s biggest highway ended up with a bee in their bonnet after a truck transporting 12m of the insects overturned.

The lorry was carrying 330 crates of honey bees when it tipped over on a ramp in St Leonard, New Brunswick.

Bee experts were called in to help deal with the accident on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police said a downpour of rain helped to contain the bees in and around the vehicle.

“Bees don’t like the rain… thousands of bees are hanging on the back of this truck and on the pavement right behind,” said police spokesman Derek Strong.

‘Disoriented and agitated’

The BBC’s Lee Carter in Toronto says the bees had been used to pollinate a crop of blueberries, and were being transported home when the accident happened.

Afterwards, the highway was closed and beekeepers in white protective suits attempted to lure the insects back to their hives.

A Canadian journalist who tried to get too close to the overturned truck was stung several times, but no-one has been seriously injured, says our correspondent.

Experts said it was unlikely that the bees would survive very long without the care of experienced beekeepers.

 My emphasis

Curses!  Talk about raining on your parade…..

What they didn’t mention in this story is this.  Forced labor in the blueberry fields was given as the reason that the bee’s tried to make a break for it.  A spokesqueen for the bee’s, who asked that her real name not be used due to possible reprisal from the evil beekeepers told us, “They make us do all the wing-breaking work and then stiff us out of our payment by taking our honey AFTER the fact.”



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    • brobin on July 1, 2008 at 15:33

    Or maybe it’s just me…..


  1. The Earth’s ‘Cries’ Recorded in Space:

    “…Earth emits an ear-piercing series of chirps and whistles that could be heard by any aliens who might be listening, astronomers have discovered…”

    So maybe it’s not just you.  BTW, maybe you could do a daily news round of of the other news of the day that we’d never otherwise hear about 😉

  2. The Dutch have names like “Rob Van Der Veen”, from Amstelveen.

    So, let me get this straight – A guy named Van Der Veen from Amstelveen drinks Amstel, no doubt.

    You can’t make this shit up.  

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