Casting about for the Beauty Platform

The days go by, the years flow away

The oceans run dry…

But you are alone, in your soul and your eyes

These tears, these wounds…

But don’t you look, don’t look around

Stay the way you are

Stay yourself

The whole world lights up [in] your eyes

If the love lives in [your] heart.

You watched all the movies about love

But there’s also a lot of fairytales in real life

Don’t hurry, wait and you’ll see –

Everything will happen, just not right away.

But don’t you look, don’t look around

Stay the way you are

Stay yourself

The whole world lights up [in] your eyes.

The question: Beauty Platform?

The cast

First line: divided line

Second line: solid line

Third line: divided line

Fourth line: divided line

Fifth line: divided line

Sixth line: moving solid line

4. Ignorance



It is not me seeking the ignorant youth,

the ignorant youth seeks me.

The first oracle informs.

A second or third muddies the waters.

Muddied, and thus uninforming.

It is beneficial to persist.

Being ignorant, not knowing of something. There is progress, though. One is not in a position to make demands.

If you receive this after asking the same question several times, consider that doing this will not make things any clearer. Try working on understanding the answer you already have. You cannot force the Yijing to give you a more convenient answer.

Line 6:

Attacking ignorance.

It is a disadvantage to turn into an enemy:

One better guards against enemies.

Attacking someone for being ignorant (by insult, condemnation or disdain, for instance). This turns one into an enemy, and people guard against enemies. It won’t educate, and it will reduce one’s influence.

7. The Army

The army.

Persistence of elder people brings good fortune.

Without fault.

A team. Elder and experienced people know better how to deal with situations, and their persistence can inspire less experienced people in the team. Nothing wrong with that.

Can, then, the Beauty Platform Coalition be built by seeking out coalition partners? What if they do not know that they should be Beauty Platform Coalition partners?

In the blogosphere, scorn, disdain, withering sarcasm in reply to ignorance is not a step toward building the Beauty Platform Coalition. Rather, it creates enemies.

And if this reading of the Beauty Platform Coalition is evolving into asking older and wiser heads how the Beauty Platform Coalition should be built. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.

More Yulia Savicheva:

There are those building toward war with China and Russia. Let us build toward peace.


  1. … off to sleep now, I’ll check this in the morning before watching the Tour de France.

  2. … the Wilhelm/Baynes translation sees the top changing line of Meng/Youthful Folly a bit differently:

    Sometimes an incorrigible fool must be punished.  He who will not heed will be made to feel.  This punishment is quite different from a preliminary shaking up.  But the penalty should not be imposed in anger; it must be restricted to an objective guarding against unjustified excesses.  Punishment is never an end in itself but serves merely to restore order.

    Agree that abusiveness will not be helpful in this situation, but I think the line clearly speaks of defensive action, not in anger, but firmly restoring order via the use of punishment.

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