Bush worried about Security Pact with Iraq? Looks like it.

On June 14th, President Bush while discussing a “status of forces” agreement said that he is confident the United States can reach a long term security agreement with Iraq, one that will not establish permanent U.S. bases there.

That is the first step in understanding that Bushie and his neo-con minions are sweating the Security Pact agreement with Iraq that they SO want completed in the very near future.  Prior to June 14, there was no real substantive information from the administration regarding NOT having permanent U.S. Military bases in Iraq via this agreement.  

In Bush’s exact words: “Whatever we agree to, it will not commit future presidents to troop levels, nor will it establish permanent bases.”

The second reason to believe Bush and Company are getting nervous is on that same date, an aide for Iraqi P.M. Al-Malaki said that Iraqi officials are frustrated by the lack of progress in negotiations, so they are contemplating developing legislation to dictate the shape of the American military presence in Iraq.  Al-Malaki himself stated that the first drafts of the agreement that were proposed had reached a deadlock in negotiations.

Again, ol’ never-give-in-never-say-you-were-wrong-never-take-NO-for-an-answer Bushie is giving up something that originally was very important to him (permanent bases) because the Iraqi’s aren’t rolling over and playing dead for him (unlike a certain group of Congressional Democrats who will remain nameless….)


Moving forward in time two weeks and what new capitulation does Mr. Bush have for Mr. Al-Malaki?  

Bush has decided that he will give in on his personal private Military and the “immunity from Iraqi law” that he has insisted upon since the beginning of the Iraqi War on Terror and For Oil  Bush’s Folly in Iraq™.

From BBC News:

US ‘to scrap’ contractor immunity

The US has agreed to scrap immunity for foreign security guards in Iraq, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says.

The US embassy in Baghdad has not confirmed the announcement, which comes as the US and Iraq are negotiating a controversial security pact.

Foreign firms employing thousands of guards won huge contracts in Iraq after the 2003 US-led invasion, but were not subject to Iraqi or US military law.

Iraqi frustration became fury last year when guards killed 17 people in a day.

Correspondents say a deal on scrapping contractors’ immunity brings the two countries closer to signing the long-term security pact.

The pact is meant to establish ground rules for a continuing US troop presence in Iraq after the UN mandate for foreign forces stationed there expires in December 2008.

Oh noes, Mr. Eric Prince!  Your Blackhearted Blackwater Mercenaries™ are going to have to play by the rules, or get left out of picking up that Big Ol’ Piece of The $$$$$$ Pie!  And we all know that GOD is whom you serve, Mr. Eric Prince, and your GOD is $$$$$$.

BTW, don’t you just LOVE how the story mentions that the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad hasn’t confirmed this?  Ryan Crocker(shit) must be doing cartwheels around his Palatial Ambassador Palace as I type, over having to GIVE IN?? Who ME! on something as near and dear to his dark hearted Decider-in-Chief’s heart!


The firm involved in the 2007 killings – Blackwater, one of the biggest security contractors in Iraq and which protects US diplomats – says its guards were acting in self-defence.

Eyewitnesses say guards of a US diplomatic convoy started shooting without provocation.

The incident brought to the fore a long-standing Iraqi complaint that the guards were little more than trigger-happy mercenaries.

Watching Bush squirm around like the worm he is on this issue is truly a sight for sore eyes!  Bending the Iraqi’s over and fucking them one more time is proving to be a much harder proposition than Bimbo Bush and Vlad Cheney figured it would be.

I’m quite proud of the Iraqi politicians as they begin to stand up for themselves and their country against the tyranny of BushCo.

Don’t you wish some other group of politicians would watch, learn and mimic?


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    • brobin on July 2, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    It’s hard work being a scurrilous tyrannt in these trying times, huh Bushie?

  1. the MSM cover this?  It seems that the majority of americans say they want the U.S. out of Iraq but I don’t see support for politicians that have a plan for that.  If we citizens want our troops withdrawn, we surely must have an idea of how that should be done.  

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