Americans don’t need Medical Insurance; Need Healthcare for all Guaranteed!

I have Medical Insurance that I purchase through the company I currently work for.  It is very expensive and the coverage is at best, spotty and underwhelming.  I had a Doctor tell me that I needed to see a specialist last year regarding a health issue I was going through.  By the time I got the bills from the “Specialist” and the other places he sent me for tests, etc., I was over my head in deductibles, plan paid maximums for tests and the “Specialist” himself and various other line item expenses that had to be paid by myself.  

They had me set up to go through a number of other tests and see a few other “special” groups to bring about a change for the better in my condition, and I did the one thing that I didn’t want to do, but could only afford to do.

I cancelled all other tests, appointments, etc. and explained to them that I simply could not afford to continue this outpouring of money, even though we were closing in on the problem that was afflicting me.

Yes, I simply quit in the middle of hopefully obtaining a much better outcome.

Remember, I have a job and medical insurance.  Think about those that have neither….

We discuss the known 47 million people in the USA that have absolutely NO MEDICAL INSURANCE at all.  Then we discuss the people in the USA that are under-insured.  I’m pretty sure that most of us that actually have medical insurance fit into that catagory.  Considering the fact that the Insurance Company that provides our Medical Insurance can at any time decide NOT TO COVER ANYTHING THEY DAMN WELL DECIDE NOT TO COVER, I think we are just about ALL in that catagory, whether we know it or not.

My conclusion?  Simple, actually.

Repeat after me


Say it again


I am here to say that we need to repeat this like a MANTRA from this point forward.  We need to repeat this to anyone that will listen, to anyone that has had issues with the Medical Insurance Industry in the past, and to anyone that is currently undergoing the Insurance Corporation enema-of-cleaning-out-your-bank account.

In an essay entitled Insurance Companies Ready Themselves for the Battle over Profits, we explained how the Insurance Industry is hiring thousands of slimy LOBBYISTS to go out into the American Heartland and lie, cheat and blow the Universal Healthcare House Down!

If you have a chance, please take the time to read that essay for a background of where we are going with this issue and to understand that We Progressives are the only people standing in the way of the Insurance Corporations having their way with the American Citizens again. We need to come together in the netroots and fight this, tooth and nail.

Consider this.

Not only is it IMPERATIVE that we win this battle with the Insurance Corporations for each of our LIVES, but if we win this one battle against the Corporate Whores just once here in America, we can take on Big Oil and other underhanded corporate conglomerations at another date with:

A) Confidence, and

B) Their knowledge that now that we beat the biggest and the baddest, the Insurance Corporations and their Army of Lobbyists……

WE are coming after THEM.

I will be adding some Educational and ACTION diaries here in the near future that will allow us ALL to fight for our rights and to take on the Insurance Corporations and beat them at their own game.

Let’s win one for ALL of US!

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    • brobin on July 21, 2008 at 3:35 pm


    Let’s make the outcome a matter of US shaping the debate and debunking their scare tactics.  

    In future diaries, we will bring you information on just how to defeat their scare tactics, educate all of us in what the TRUE issues are and how to make sure WE take the bull by the horns and bend the reality back to ACTUAL reality!

    It only takes a few of us that won’t take NO for an answer to bring about change.  

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