Shame On You T Boone, Shame

Your word has turned to slime, hope the business world is paying attention, though you’ll always find

snakes like you to deal with and make some bucks, and I’m sure many already have learned about you

through your years of building your billions.

What’s this all about? Well,


Vets Say Billionaire is Going Back on His Word.

Some Vietnam veterans are claiming that Texan businessman T. Boone Pickens is going back on his word to pay $1 million to anyone who can find inaccuracies in claims made by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth during the 2004 presidential election. Agreeing with the veterans, oddsmaker Ben Eckstein says that failing to deliver on a bet is “sacrilegious.” “In the world of betting and gambling, your word is your bond,” said Eckstein, president of America’s Line, a sports and entertainment oddsmaking business. “Whether it’s a $7 bet or a $500,000 bet, once it’s made and once you shake on it, it should be done.”

You see, and many already know, Pickens made his $1million wager to anyone who could bring forth falsities to disprove the ‘swifties’ claim, of which T. Boone had bankrolled, at a dinner for the American Spectator magazine in ’07.

Kerry took him up on it, and I doubt to collect on the bet but to set the recod straight,

offering to meet Pickens and provide him with information that Kerry said would debunk the allegations.

Pickens in turn refused to meet with Kerry, wonder why, after all he made the bet calling Kerry out.

Now Pickens equally slimmy spokesperson Jay Rosser is trying to spin the meaning of the bet.

“Boone can’t be accountable for everything the [Swift Boat Veterans for Truth] say,” Rosser said. “[He can only be responsible] for the ads that he helped fund.”

And adds,

“Nobody has stepped forward with any factual mistakes in those ads,” Rosser added.

Really? Kerry makes an offer to meet with Pickens, face to face, and my brother ‘Nam Navy Vets, who were stationed with Kerry as well as some being on the Swiftboat Kerry commanded taking part in the daily operations they were sent out on, in other words being the eye witnesses to anything and everything their boat, as well as the other boats with them, experianced.

“We have 11 different falsehoods that the [Swift Boat Veterans for Truth] came out with in 2004. We have documents, videos, editorials and depositions not just by my boat crew but other eyewitnesses who were involved in the operations.”

Sanudsky added that while his group has come up with “everything Pickens asked Kerry for in November,” it has all been for nothing.

Brother Navy ‘Nam Vet Sanudsky added this,

“We’re disappointed because he’s ducking out,” Sanudsky said. “He’s dodging the bullet because we’ve got the ammunition.”

And this,

“Where we come from, your word is your bond,” Sanudsky said. “Mr. Pickens hasn’t heard the last from us.

“We won’t rest until he admits the truth that he bankrolled a big lie.”

Now many back than couldn’t understand why Kerry didn’t strongly fight the charges being made by the ‘swifties’, especially the small number involved in that group and some not even being Swiftboat Sailors, who for purely political purposes were trying to bring some sort of ‘Noble Cause’ to that quagmire built on lies.

To me, a brother Navy In-Country ‘Nam Vet ’70-’71, I understood Kerry and knew where the swifties were coming from, as they, for political purposes, were slandering not only Kerry but their own ‘Nam service as well as all who served In-Country, especially us Navy personal. Some of those clowns have been doing the same, and making money off their slanders since ‘Nam as they roped in the simple minded who bought their crap.

Lets bring it closer to the present. Most, in this country, hadn’t a clue what we were doing in ‘Nam just like they haven’t a clue what the Military Personal are doing in the Theaters of Afganistan and Iraq today, though back than the media, as small as it was, were at least reporting on some of what was going on with actual footage of firefights, firebases in the jungles, bombings in the cities………………………… etc..

Less was known about the Navy’s role in that Guerilla/Insurgent Occupation. One says ‘Navy’ one thinks Sailors on Naval Ships or stationed on shore bases, which by the way was how I spent my whole four years, on shoreduty. Only ships I went on were ‘Cuban’ cargo vessals riding them through the Panama Canal guarding against them ramming the locks or causing other damage, which was a long running part of the duty down there and was Assinine to say the least, we finally got that practice stopped.

I wasn’t a part of the ‘Brownwater Navy’ in ‘Nam, Swifts, PBR’s, Zippo’s, PACV etc., nor was I a part of the SEAL’s, which is probably the only part of the Navy in ‘Nam some may have known about, still not knowing what they actually did. I did work with some in the ‘Brownwater’, mostly friends from previous duty bases who were there at the same time, and because of what I did some work with the SEAL’s, I was a GunnersMate small arms.

Untill Apocalypse Now, the movie, I doubt the knowledge of Navy duty In-Country was a reality to most. My brother Sailors were involved in a whole slew of differing parts of that Occupation.

When all this was happening, as to the swifty attacks, it was frankly mistifying that many bought into the lies being spread, just simple common sense should have quickly dispeled them, especially as the main characters for this group, the leaders, had been doing same for years with no actual proof of their charges and they didn’t have anything than, still don’t.

Moral of this story: If you going to do a 527 political action group, or other obscure fringe group, you had better have all your ‘i’s’ dotted and your ‘t’s’ crossed if paying for advertising, or saying things, to be seen, or heard, by the masses when bringing on charges, actual proof of, against someone running for office. You’ll grab the minds, or lack there of, of the fools with the slander you’ll put forth, but when confronted with the actual proof to slam down your slander you had better retract your charges, and most certainly, wether a billionaire or not, don’t place a bet on the slander, a gambler, like me sometimes, is gonna go with the sure thing and we want our payday.

A little note to those who force their beliefs? on others:

Have those who follow their religious ideologies, all you ‘christian’s?’ especially, forgotten that lying is a ‘sin’, or have you all just thrown that bit of the bible teachings out with the rest you don’t care to follow, like tolerance of others?

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