Pony Party, Wrong Number

I know i’ve been kinda MIA these past few days…weeks…and like i said last week, im finally into the home stretch of the end-of-school-year wind-down. ¬†After this week, both ‘things’ will be finished school, and since thing 1’s rehab vs. summer school dilemma isnt settled yet….and thing2’s audition for the orchestral institute workshop isnt until tonight, im not even sure what’s in store yet….

But what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend turned into a frustration when a local homeowner, who is attempting to rent out the house, put MY PHONE NUMBER on the ‘for rent’ sign that s/he posted on the local highway.

So my phone has been ringing off the hook…

And i’m actually APOLOGIZING to these people because i dont have a house to rent them!!!

And part of me says that i should just let it ring…caller be damned…but i know what it feels like to be looking for a place to live, and i just cant leave them hanging like that, waiting for a call back that’s never going to come…Shouldn’t the users be confirming the genuineness of the number? I mean if potential buyers are calling me, there might be a chance that real estate agents too might be giving me a call… To be honest, they should have technologies like phone validator and similar services at their disposal to check the validity and authenticity of a number before they decide on a seller or their number?

Exasperated at the number of calls i’ve been receiving, i did finally ask one caller where the frickin’frackin’ sign is so i can go and put a note or something, letting the owner know why s/he isnt getting any calls about it…..so that’s first on my list of things to do today…

Happy Monday!



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  1. No I told ya so on the playoffs? Detroit looks ready to finish it off tonight.

  2. European Tribune. It was very slow this am and I haven’t been able to get there for hours.  Anybody seen anything from JaP?

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