Pony Party, Giving Sense to the Senseless

You may remember the pony party of January 3, 2008, titled Senseless, wherein we discussed the vandalism to Robert Frost’s  summer home, Homer Noble Farm, by local college students who used it for a party.

According to yesterday’s Yahoo!News story, some of the defendants in the case are being offered an opportunity to plead out and take classes about Robert Frost, and eventually expunge the offense from their records.

“I guess I was thinking that if these teens had a better understanding of who Robert Frost was and his contribution to our society, that they would be more respectful of other people’s property in the future and would also learn something from the experience,” said prosecutor John Quinn.

Some also received community service hours; one man, the one who allegedly purchased the alcohol, served 3 days in jail.

And, of course, it’s being called ‘poetic justice’  😉



    • Robyn on June 4, 2008 at 17:24

    …that does not love 50 teenagers having a party in your house.

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